Did you know that Everclear is illegal in some states? Yeah, states like Florida and California don't think it's okay to sell 190-proof alcohol. That's valid. Everclear isn't good for you. I mean, what liquor brand really is? Everclear is a different breed of alcohol that is seriously dangerous to consume. 

Everclear is ethanol that's been distilled several times. Basically, it's gasoline. It's 95% alcohol — one shot of this is the equivalent of two and a half shots of Bernetts. Excuse me, I just gagged. It's one of the nine strongest liquors in the world, so maybe lay off shots of Everclear. Unless you want to be in pain. 

Everclear is a sneaky alcohol. People forget that it's so high in alcohol content and consume it at a regular Smirnoff level — but it will get you drunk faster than you can feel. On top of that, it's odorless. So the drink throws a huge curveball to whoever is bravely drinking it.

The dangerous liquor is 285 calories per shot. That's pretty high compared to other hard liquors that are about 95 calories per shot. Mixing more than half a handle of Everclear in your jungle juice is sure to put a dent on your diet. Any mixed drink will do that. Jungle juice plus Everclear is a sugar-filled, alcoholic, caloric mess. On the positive side, it will loosen you up enough to dance off the calories. Or that's my theory.

The bottom line is that Everclear is totally dangerous to consume and you should recognize that the next time a handle of it is shoved in your face. You don't want to be that person who passes out before the party starts. My thing is — if it's bad enough for Florida to make illegal, then it's pretty f*cking bad.