Every Hokie knows Blacksburg has a bunch of annual events, ranging from art to food to nanoscience. This array of events is partially due to the large student population, and partially due to Blacksburg being a pocket of a more diverse demographic than our surrounding areas.

A bunch of local events are usually backed by a specific cause, so it’s common to see different organizations hold them on the regular. Some are held in the summer, some in the school year. Whatever the season, these festivals and events are never far in the future.

So, here’s your Spoon VT compilation of anything food related and when they’re held:

Club Bake Sales

Photo by Luna Zhang

When: Spring and Fall semesters

Where: Downtown, Kroger, VT campus

So, this isn’t an official food event for Blacksburg – or Virginia Tech for that matter. But they happen all the time when school is in session. Bake sales vary from day time events (like our Spoon VT donut tasting) to downtown drunk bake sales running until the wee hours of the morning. The really smart sales don’t limit themselves to baked goods – look out for grilled cheese tables.

While most bake sales occur downtown,  they’re not limited to the few downtown available locations. You’ll also see these tables around campus, just not as often.

Of course, you’re gonna think that a bake sale requires money – right? Well, that’s not always the case. Some stands have donation based bake sales where they let you take food and donate however much you can pay.

Steal the Pint Nights


Photo by Susanna Mostaghim

When: All year round

Where: 622 North, Mellow Mushroom, Blacksburg Taphouse

Steal the pint nights occur at several establishments here. And you can often find events for them on Facebook. They’re loads of fun and generally the first people who come to the event leave with free glassware or gear.

Tap Takeovers


Photo by Susanna Mostaghim

When: All year round

Where: 622 North, Mellow Mushroom

Here is a 21+ event umbrella. Several restaurants host tap takeovers throughout the year. They’re the bomb and you can try all sorts of beers from the same brewery to find out what you like – generally at a discounted price, too.

We here at VT Spoon hosted a mini takeover with Natty Greene’s last year at Mellow Mushroom with some success. But the most popular ones are seem to be at 622 North with 8-10 different beers available.

Farmer’s Market


Photo by Kevin Dang

When: Late March/early April-October (Wednesdays: 2:00pm-7:00 pm, Saturdays: 8:00 am-2:00 pm)

Where: Downtown Blacksburg

The farmer’s market is awesome. Local, organic and more healthy produce? Count me in. Here at VT Spoon (and Virginia Tech in general) we love the farmer’s market. It’s the best.

To top it off, it’s not just a farmer’s market. They host plenty of events throughout their open season. Check them out here.

International Street Fair


Photo courtesy of Bill Geneczko via flickr.com

When: Mid-April

Where: Squires Student Center at Virginia Tech

Held by the Cranwell International Center at Virginia Tech for over 50 years, this fair has numerous cultural student groups that annually participate. Which means cheap, delicious food that you typically can’t find in Blacksburg on a regular basis.

I personally love this event and go every year. My most memorable experience was getting bubble tea, baklava, and homemade dumplings for less than $10 my freshman year. This is the best deal to sample all kinds of food that Virginia Tech has to offer.

Rotary Club of Blacksburg Chocolate Festival


Photo courtesy of Rotary Club of Blacksburg Chocolate Festival via Facebook

When: Mid-April

Where: Downtown

Typically held the same weekend as the International Street Fair, this festival is relatively new. Since 2014 the Rotary Club of Blacksburg has provided us chocoholics here at Virginia Tech with a festival that is both delicious and educational.

The best part? There’s always a wine and chocolate pairing class available, allowing you to be classy as possible when you eat chocolate and drink.

Fork and Cork


Photo courtesy of Blacksburg Fork and Cork via Facebook

When: Late April/early May

Where: Corporate Research Center

Voted one of the best festivals in Blacksburg, Fork and Cork is the biggest wine event of the year in the New River Valley. This is one of three festivals sponsored by The Blacksburg Partnership – all of which are a giant hit with the community.

For the past eight years, the Blacksburg Partnership has put on Fork and Cork – effectively gathering numerous local vineyards and cideries (yes, that’s a thing and it’s amazing – Bold Rock is among those that comes to Fork and Cork) in one location. This year, there will be over 20 wineries in attendence.

The price of the ticket is surly worth it. For less than $30, you will get a free wine glass and unlimited tastings in the five hours the festival spans. And sometimes – if you’re really lucky – one of the vineyards will provide many wines to taste getting you tipsy by the end of one tasting (I’m looking at you Horton Vineyards).

Virginia Cheese Festival


Photo courtesy of Jeri Rogers via Virginia Cheese Festival Facebook

When: Mid-June

Where: Hilton Garden Inn (2016)

The newest addition to this list is the amazing Virginia Cheese Festival (also initiated by The Blacksburg Partnership), is coming to Blacksburg for the second time this spring. I mean, who doesn’t love cheese and festivals? Combine the two and it is an A+ in my book.

At this festival, some of the best cheesemakers in the region come to showcase their skills and offer a variety of cheeses you’d never find in a regular grocery store. Getting to sample sheep’s milk cheese? That’s not a common event out here – plus, you get to learn more about cheesemaking so you can say it’s educational if you need an excuse.

Summer Solstice


Photo courtesy of Barbara Hobbs via flickr.com

When: Mid-June

Where: Downtown Blacksburg

Hitting it’s ninth year is the Summer Solstice festival held by Downtown Blacksburg. While it’s more of a craft festival than a food one, you don’t want to miss it. Artisanal foods are sold out of stands and there’s plenty to eat.

In addition, there’s usually at least two vineyards that sponsor this event each year – so you can definitely find something to fit your tastes if food is not what you’re seeking.

Steppin’ Out


Photo courtesy of Allen Fuller via flickr.com

When: Early August

Where: Downtown Blacksburg

The biggest summer festival in the New River Valley (okay, that may be an exaggeration) is Steppin’ Out. It’s Blacksburg’s premier artisan festival and has been for over 30 years, where products range from jewelry to foods. It’s the bomb – if you’re here in the summer this is the one festival you can’t miss.

I’m personally there to buy artisanal foods to use in my kitchen – there’s this one vendor every year with the best seasonings. But, on top of foods to take home there’s plenty of vendors selling delicious food to eat from stands and carts.

Brew Do


Photo courtesy of Josh Ramsey via Blacksburg Brew Do Facebook

When: Early October

Where: Corporate Research Center

I’m not gonna lie. I’m not sure if this or Fork and Cork is my favorite festival in Blacksburg. It is no coincidence they’re organized by the same organization – you guessed it, The Blacksburg Partnership. This is the original sister festival of Fork and Cork, and it has the best beer selection you can get in Blacksburg in one place.

Ticketing works a little differently here: you can bring a DD in for one and you pay different prices for tickets based on how many tastings you want to have – plus, they give you this adorable glass for tasting. Each beer you drink counts as one tasting. So, unfortunately you can’t drink as much as Fork and Cork – but it’s still totally worth it.

Besides, tickets allot 10 or 20 tastings. I got 20 tastings the first time I went and I’m just going to say I kind of regret it. Totally go with 10 because you’ll definitely be drunk before you even get to 20. Getting the larger amount of tastings is definitely for those with a higher tolerance.


GIF courtesy of giphy.com

Despite being in the middle of southwestern Virginia, Blacksburg is definitely a food destination for those in the New River Valley. We have a huge variety of food events for in area and I’d definitely recommend going to them before you graduate.