On a rainy and cold day on The Heights, Spoon BC members stood at the sidewalk between Mac and Upper (yes, where the condoms are) to give Boston College students a sample into Pop-Tarts' newest flavors.

That's right, Pop-Tarts, everyone's favorite childhood breakfast, has partnered with Dunkin Donuts to bring you two new amazing flavors: Vanilla Latte and Chocolate Mocha. As the rain turned into snow, the Spoon BC gals handed out these flavors to chocolate and vanilla lovers alike.

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Hattie Swank

First of all let me just say, this event was by far the most successful that Spoon BC had ever put on. 8 boxes were gone within two hours. That's something like 300 Pop-Tarts (I'm guesstimating a bit here but you catch my drift). Students were not only beyond excited about free food lol shout out broke college kids, but when they saw that Dunkin was involved they went nuts!

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Hattie Swank

While both of these flavors were amazing, they were also super different. The Vanilla Latte tasted a lot more like coffee than the Chocolate Mocha. It was super sweet and sugary, but because of its rich latte flavor, you felt like you were actually eating a coffee. On the other hand, the Chocolate Mocha flavor was basically a chocolate abyss. The coffee flavor wasn't as powerful, which didn't really matter because it still tasted bomb af. "I don't even like Pop-Tarts and I thought the chocolate one was really good!" Said one passerby. 

Hattie Swank

This event was a huge hit. Some people liked the flavors so much that they grabbed the whole box and ran away. The students were so into these flavors that people asked me for days after if there were any leftover and/or where they could buy them. 

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported, and special thanks to Pop-Tarts for bringing us two amazing new flavors!