Thanksgiving is among us and we all know the real issue at hand for most foodies during this wonderful holiday – making sure you eat enough of all the food.

This glorious day only comes once every 365 days, so why not splurge a little (or a lot)? Here are some helpful tips to ensure you’re making the most of what Thanksgiving has to offer.

1. Wake up with the mentality of a competitive eater.


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It’s not every day that you can stuff your face and have no remorse. The faster you eat the more you can eat.

2. Skipping lunch is a necessity.


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Maybe a couple celery sticks? You’ll thank yourself later.

3. The gym will still be there tomorrow.


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When you want one of every dessert, just remember that you can spend more time at the gym on Friday.

4. Wear the right clothes.


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Leggings are NOT an option. We repeat: NOT an option. Baggy shirts are totally acceptable…where else is all that food going to go? Always remember black is a slimming color.

5. Don’t eat too many rolls.


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When the bread looks just as delicious as the turkey, resist the temptation to dive in. Grandma’s biscuits will be there for Christmas, but the stuffing won’t.

6. Sit next to the right people.


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Yes, this does matter. You don’t want to get stuck next to your annoying uncle that takes 3 hours to pass the mashed potatoes. And don’t get us started about sitting next to someone that uses the opposite hand to eat.

7. Pace yourself.


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There’s more to come. Don’t forget to save that last little room in your stomach for one of every dessert.

8. Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.


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No matter how stressed you are, whether it be from preparing the meal or dealing with relatives, sugar is always the answer.

This holiday only comes once a year, so don’t skimp on anything. If there’s not one of everything on your plate, you’re doing it wrong.

Happy Turkey Day!