When transitioning into college, most freshmen students are focused on trying to figure out where the dining hall even is or where to sit instead, of looking for hidden food treasures.

Personally, I would go to the same dining hall everyday and eat almost the same thing for the first week. But, over the course of my freshmen year I have found little trips and tricks hidden around campus that have become my favorites.

Even though the upperclassman may have all these figured out, no one told me of these hacks my first semester. Here are my top five food hacks for Villanova University.

1. Cafe Nova Gelato

ice, sorbet
Lauren DiNardo

I think I walked by the Cafe Nova gelato almost everyday first semester without giving it a try.

It took until one 75 degree February day for me to try it when the ice cream craving hit. Cafe Nova has so many Ciao Bella flavors to choose from, but my favorite is the mango

2. Rosie's Acai Bowls

As a freshman, the walk to west campus is definitely a trek. However, if you have the joy of having a class on west, like I did, stop at Rosie's Mug and try any of their smoothies, coffees or my personal favorite, their acai bowls.

It is the perfect before class snack and is conveniently located right by the train station. Rosie's even takes Nova Bucks. 

#SpoonTip: Rosie's is also the only place on campus where you can buy gum. 

3. Holy Grounds Iced Green Tea

water, tea, cocktail, beer, ice
Katie Coviello

I was never a huge fan of green tea before I came to Villanova, but the Holy Grounds Iced Green tea has me hooked. They have a bunch of flavors that you can try to mix up your order.

My personal favorite is the pomegranate, but I also love the raspberry. The iced black tea at Holy Grounds is also a staple. 

4. Conn Chicken Finger Wraps

coffee, cocoa, chocolate, cinnamon
Lauren DiNardo

The Conn food is a great variety option for freshman who are getting tired of the SPIT. Their wrap line has a bunch of options but their chicken finger wraps are what stand out. Before going to get your wrap, grabbing chicken fingers and having them put into your wrap can really make your meal.

5. Late night quesadillas

chicken, mango, chicken quesadilla, corn, salsa, cheese, burrito
Gaby Maniscalco

The quesadillas in the spit are always a great dinner option; although at late night the quesadillas are different in the best ways. Instead of just your classic tortilla wrap, they are on a thicker pita bread that definitely satisfies any late night cravings. 

Coming into freshman year all the food options were intimidating but once you find out the tips and tricks to what is best, life is a lot easier.