Starbucks has announced their newest addition to the Starbucks Evenings menu, and you can bet your bottom dollar its bougie AF. This new beverage combines espresso and craft beer, and has been elegantly named the Espresso Cloud IPA. 

Although it was released in October, the buzz around this drink has not been as high as expected, so here's the lowdown if you haven't heard about it yet.

If the sexy name isn't enticing on its own, listen to the tantalizing description of how it's made. The espresso is first shaken over ice, refreshing orange pieces, and sweet vanilla, creating a rich foam that is then layered over the IPA beer. The beer is served with the cold-shaken espresso shot on the side, which you then pour in to combine these two luxurious flavors.

The drink was created by one of Starbucks' own baristas, Justin, who set out to make a, "truly interactive and unique beverage experience," according to a post on the iconic coffee company's blog, 1912 Pike

As mentioned earlier, the drink is only being served at locations featuring Starbucks Evenings, the company's venture into a dinner experience offering small plates and alcoholic beverages.

Although Starbucks Evenings is not featured in every store, the Huffington Post reports that there are over 300 Starbucks across the US now offering this dinnertime menu that features the Espresso Cloud IPA.