Raise your hand if you miss going to the bar on a Friday night? Well if you did, then you're not alone. This quarantine has many people, myself included, missing their weekly social activities. As a way to maintain a sense of normalcy during this crazy time, more people are turning to 'virtual happy hours' to socialize and enjoy their favorite cocktails. While that sounds fun, making cocktails can be messy and time consuming, but Blue Marble is here to help. 

Blue Marble's Pre-Made Cocktails

Photo Courtesy of Blue Marble

Blue Marble offers nine all-natural cocktails and four spiked seltzer flavors. Blue Marble's drinks come pre-mixed, so there is not need to worry about not having all of the ingredients or making a mess in your tiny apartment or dorm room. The cocktails are made with natural juices, handmade sweet syrups and premium spirits distilled in-house. At 15 percent ABV, Blue Marble's cocktails make it easier than ever to let loose and relax. 

Blue Marble Cocktail Offerings:

Photo Courtesy of Blue Marble

Spiked Seltzers: Tropical Retreat, Pure Love, Citrus Joy, Berry Bliss

Marble-rita: Ultra-Premium Tequila, Handcrafted Triple Sec, and All-Natural Lime Juice

Moscow Mule: Ultra-Premium Vodka, Ginger Beer, All-Natural Lime Juice

Greyhound: Made with Ultra-Premium Vodka, and All-Natural Grapefruit Juice

Cosmo: Ultra-Premium Vodka, Handcrafted Triple Sec, All-Natural Cranberry Juice, All-Natural Lime Juice

Mojito: Ultra-Premium Rum, Natural Mint Flavor, and All-Natural Lime Juice

Coconut Island: Ultra-Premium Rum, All-Natural Pineapple Juice, All-Natural Lime Juice, All-Natural Coconut

Bloody Mary: Ultra-Premium Vodka All-Natural Tomato Juice, and All-Natural Spices

Screwdriver: Ultra-Premium Vodka, and All-Natural Orange Juice

Vodka Soda: Ultra-Premium Vodka, All-Natural Lime Juice, and Soda Water

Where To Buy Blue Marble's Pre-Made Cocktails

Photo Courtesy of Blue Marble

To find out where Blue Marble's pre-mixed cocktails are available near you, check out their product locator. Stay connected with Blue Marble by following the brand on Facebook and Instagram

Please remember to drink responsibly.