As you complete your second to last task at your internship, your stomach begins to grumble. You turn to your coworkers and ask what the best place to go for a healthy lunch, and they don't have any good suggestions. You begin to look on your phone scrolling aimlessly on your Maps and Google, yet everything seems to be either 1. Too Expensive or 2. Too Unhealthy.

So, that poses the million dollar question: Where can you go that is both healthy and affordable for your summer budget? The answer is S-A-L-A-D-S. Congrats! You just won a million dollars. Sorry, I'm kidding.

Around every borough of New York there are healthy places that are cheap, quick, and delicious: three things we are all looking for. As an intern in NYC, I am always looking for new healthy place to try, and absolutely love munching on a new creation whenever I have the chance. Enjoy my top seven picks for the best health places to go during your rushed or easygoing lunch breaks on hot days in the city.

1. Chop't

Chop't always has a place in my heart, and it is only fitting that it begins my top favorite salad places. Their finely chopped salads and large/affordable portions are easy to save for the next day. With their many delicious selections of pre-made low calorie salads to custom salad options, Chop't makes each and every type of eater's experience salad-friendly. My favorite salad is the NYC Street Cart salad. Even if the line seems out the door, Chop't is as quick as Fruit Ninja with their salad making abilities. With locations in Midtown, 23rd Street, and the Upper East Side, you can get your Chop't fix wherever you work.

2. by CHLOE.

The vegan-inspired restaurant by CHLOE is one of my absolute go-to places in the city. Chloe's staff works to create wholesome and health-orientated meals, and they accomplish the task flawlessly. With a variety of selections to choose from, the staff keeps the needs and wants of their customers in mind 24/7. With locations in West Village, the Flatiron, and Soho, there are numerous ways you can lose your by CHLOE virginity. The already uber health restaurant even has their own Sweets by CHLOE restaurant on Bleecker Street if you're having a sweet tooth after. Some top picks from by CHLOE include the Avocado Pesto Pasta and the Kale Caesar salad with a fresh iced tea.

3. SweetGreen

Next, we have SweetGreen, one of every NYC worker's favorite quick and easy salad places. As a salad chain restaurant, Sweet Green prepares fresh salads paired with new additives for every type of eater. Sourcing from farmers, each and every one of SweetGreen's creation is organic and fresh. Because you can customize your own salad, SweetGreen lets you choose up to four ingredients that are produced locally each season (sounds like a win win). Top pick from SweetGreen is their Kale Caesar and their Hummus Tahini. Another favorite of Soul Cycle instructor Lisa Bocuzzi's is the Harvest Bowl. Located in areas like Wall Street, Tribeca, and Nolita, there is a SweetGreen near you in New York City.

4. Just Salad

As a casual salad restaurant, Just Salad promotes health and reusability as their main goals. With each and every one of their ingredients being fresh daily and having grass fed protein, Just Salad is a hidden holy grail of NYC salad restaurants. Just Salad  offers reusable bowls, saving over 75,000 pounds of plastic yearly! Just Salad gives a variety of choices for the daily goer like warm bowls, salads, wraps, and even fun toast boxes. Top favorites of mine from Just Salad are their Berry Wild smoothie and the Tokyo SuperGreens Salad. Just Salad has many locations like in the Fashion District and Midtown. There even is one in the Murray Hill area that's a block away from where I intern!

5. Fresh & Co

Creating organic salads from scratch, Fresh & Co aims to be every New Yorker's healthy go to best friend. Built off of "making a difference," Fresh & Co wants to make every individual's diet a little more wholesome and fresh. Fresh & Co uses all natural and local organic products to help every eater get their nutrients in. With seasonal menus, Fresh & Co knows how to use ingredients to their advantage. With options like grain bowls and organic coffee, and even market table options, everyone can have their fair share of fresh gourmet. Having a multitude of locations in NYC, everyone can enjoy something fresh on their lunch break.

6. Farmstand NYC

As a farm-inspired restaurant, Farmstand is one of NYC's premier salad restaurants. With a causal yet fun vibe to it, Farmstand gives exciting salad options for customers. With a wide range of salads to choose from and even cocktails (if you're legal). Farmstand even includes a cheese or meat platter. Some salad options that are customer's favorites includes Bills Mafia Salad and Free Fall'N, both which are loaded with veggies and protein. Farmstand is located in the UrbanSpace Vanderbilt on Park Avenue

7. Jack's Wife Freda

And last but not least, Jack's Wife Freda. If you're feeling up to it, and have a long lunch break, then walk over to Jack's Wife Freda. Located in Soho and the West Village, Jack's Wife Freda is a popular bistro restaurant. Serving American-fused mediterranean food at a reasonable price, this bistro is one not to miss. From breakfast bowls to tuna salads, Jack's Wife Freda delivers yummy healthy inspired meals. You can even share meals with your work friends including the Chicken Kebabs and Sauteéd Kale. Also, never miss out on their classic mint lemonade.

And there you have it. So next time your stomach is grumbling, head off to one of these places for a health-inspired meal. Never miss out on an opportunity to be healthy as there are so MANY healthy restaurants in the city, and it's up to you to explore them!