There's a lot to love about being an Emory student, not the least of which is the scores of amazing restaurants in Decatur and the surrounding area (and even some on-campus favorites like Kaldi's and Highland Bakery). But, that doesn't mean it's all crustless quiche and breakfast pastries.

We, like all college students, struggle to fight off the freshmen 15, be kind to our bank accounts and ration our Dooley dollars, and fulfill all of our foodie wants and desires. Some days we forget to eat dinner. Other days we eat three breakfasts. We're a bit of a mess, but it's okay because we're all in it together.

These 33 gifs from our favorite waffle-loving protagonist and the rest of the "Parks and Recreation" cast capture exactly what it's like to live, learn, and (most importantly), eat at Emory.

1. When you try to be healthy but you just can't do it.

Nope, nope, nope. At least you tried, right?

2. When you have a philosophical breakthrough and have to spread the gospel.


3. When it's been a long night and your depth perception is, uh, not the best. 

While sober, you know that it would be much easier to just eat the hamburger like a normal human. Not-so-sober you sees no other way than to throw it aggressively at your face.

4. When you can't let those Dooley dollars go to waste.

You may be clumsy, but you're definitely not wasteful.

5. When you eat an entire Domino's pizza at 4 am (for the third time this week).

You have #regrets, but you know you'll do it again tomorrow.

6. When the soft-serve at the DUC is low-key the highlight of your day. 

And you have no qualms about getting it all over your face.

7. When the pizza you ordered takes more than five minutes to be delivered.

We've all let our hanger get the best of us.

8. When you're eyeing up the pastries at Kaldi's and you just...

Because you're worth it.

9. When the waffle machine at the DUC is the only thing getting you out of bed in the morning. 

You've also had your fair share of 9:00 pm, post-dinner waffles with a side of pizza. But that's a whole other story.

10. When you wanna be mad at your roomie but they just know you too well.

Waffles heal all wounds. That's how the saying goes, right?

11. When your healthy friend tries to force your daily serving of leafy greens on you.

You know they mean well, but they should really know you better by now. 

12. When your parents come to town and ask where you wanna go to eat.

Time to whip out your comprehensive list of every local eatery you've been dying to try. 

13. When you get to the restaurant and see your food coming.

The level of giddiness is unreal. 

14. ....And when you go a little bit overboard because tomorrow it's back to the DUC. 

Might as well pack in the calories while you can. 

15. When your favorite snack is missing from your dorm room and you've gotta figure out which one of your friends stole it. 

There's no way they're getting away with this one.

16. When someone crosses the line.

Sharing food is just not your thing, and it's probably best you make that clear right off the bat. 

17. When living in the South has given you a newfound appreciation for anything and everything that is rich and buttery.

Buttermilk biscuits, creamy mac n' cheese, Kaldi's gooey butter cake—what's not to love?

18. When you decide to try out some culinary experimentation in your dorm room.

You may have watched one too many episodes of Master Chef. 

19. When, after experiencing the pure joy that is the Rise-n-Dine, Buttermilk Kitchen, and every other brunch spot in the area, you're totally with Leslie Knope on this one.

You seriously can't understand why waffles, French toast, and omelettes aren't mainstream dinner options. 

20. When a case of the drunchies leads you to Waffle House and you forget all of your table manners. 

Anything can be finger food if you want it to be.

21. When the produce at the DUC is hit-or-miss.

The pizza station is much more reliable.

22. When it's your last class of the day and all you can think about is getting out and eating.

Air-tight logic right there. 

23. When you meet a fellow Emory student who loves food as much as you do. 

Now is not the time to play it cool. I mean, it's not everyday you meet your actual soulmate. 

24. When you've been studying at the library all day/night and haven't eaten in twelve hours.

You need a burrito in an IV stat. 

25. When you eat salad for dinner once and instantly become a paragon of health. 

Great excuse to use all the hashtags—#cleaneating #fitspo #sozen #yourbodyisatemple.

26. When your crush starts talking to you and you panic and say the first thing that comes to mind.

You are Ben, and Leslie is your best friend wondering what the hell is wrong with you.

27. When your squad makes you come to McDonald's with them even though you've been trying to stay healthy.

They may not pressure you to drink or do drugs, but they will straight up bully you into eating greasy, fattening food with them. 

28. When you're totally broke and your friend spots you a burrito bowl at Chipotle.

You are forever indebted to them.

29. When you try the peanut butter French toast at Highland Bakery for the first time.

Did you just consume a solid three days worth of calories in one sitting? Definitely. Do you care? Nope. 

30. When you hear about the absolutely bomb dinners Emory Hillel puts on. 

Did we mention Sushi Tuesdays?

31. When you hit Chipotle and Ali's Cookies back-to-back and you check on your food baby.

This is no joke. You have seriously tested the limits of the human body with the amount of food you just consumed.

32. When you and your friends order some questionable pizza toppings after a night out.

"So, pineapple, olives, ranch, salami, and hot sauce, right?"

33. And when you stand up for what you believe in. 


Eating well might be a struggle sometimes, but at the end of the day all we really know is that, a) We love food, and b) We love Emory. In the wise words of Leslie Knope, "We have to remember what's important in life. Friends, waffles, and food. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third."