The clean eating trend is everywhere and lately, it seems to be in everyone’s faces and social media feeds. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are chock full of inspirational recipes and tips to get people to eat healthier. But, rather than obsessing about calories and nutrition labels, people have been focusing more on eating “whole foods” or “real” food.

The first thought that crosses most people’s minds is “what do you mean by “real” food?” These would be un-processed, unrefined, minimally handled products, making them as close to their natural state as possible. Real foods especially, include anything grown in the ground or on a tree, meaning fruits and vegetables.  Diets high in fruits and vegetables have been linked to not only healthy weight management but also awesome skin and hair. Do you need any more motivation to jump on the bandwagon??

There is one catch though. Eating clean does not give you full reign to eat endless amounts of anything. These foods may be healthy, but they still have calories. Eating clean does not mean eating raw or only eating things straight from the ground. It means eating things with minimal ingredients. So when shopping for your groceries, ask yourself where that product came from and how much has it been handled? Choose foods with a short ingredient label. Although clean eating seems like the latest trend or biggest fad, it has proven itself worthy of the praise.

Instagram, more so then Twitter, has become one of the main sources of clean eating inspiration for many people across all different cultures. It has the ability to reach a wide variety of users through its use of picture and hashtag sharing. It’s easy to search and find what you’re looking for. A really interesting site called gives you a list of the most widely used hashtags for whatever you want to search. For our purposes, here are some of the top hashtags for #cleaneating:

#motivation #fitnessmodel #fitspo #workout #getfit #instahealth #cleaneating #active #healthychoices #determination #diet #bodybuilding #lifestyle #strong #cardio #training #tflers #fit #healthy #fitnessaddict #instagood #tagsforlikes #train #health #eatclean #fitness #gym #exercise #photooftheday #smoothiebowl

There might be an overwhelming amount of hashtags, but it’s helpful for pro-clean eating people like myself to find health inspiration when I’m craving a burger and fries and I don’t want to be.

Take a look at the top four Instagram accounts you should be following to help you #eatclean:

1. @naturalnomad


2. @albeeats


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3. @thesashadiaries


Sweet potato, chickpea and cashew burger with a yum salsa and slaw

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4. @blissedout


Vegans do tacos A photo posted by Laura Grace