When the weather gets colder, our instinct usually makes us crave hot soup, warm cookies and a bevy of beverages that will heat our bodies from the inside out. But there's also something to be said about embracing the cold. And even though we may be creatures of habit, we can't forget that ice cream is always a viable dessert option. Plus, with Valentine's just passed, why not check out some new ice cream flavor options for the ultimate breakup food. I bet it's on sale!

So what are your options?

1. Baskin-Robbins

Always a favorite, the brand offers a new "Flavor of the Month" and in honor of the hope of spring, March's flavor is "Triple Mango". The new ice cream flavor, which calls for the hope of an early warm-weather season, the new addition combines creamy mango ice cream and mango sorbet. Also, each scoop is infused with real mango pieces and finished with a mango ribbon—aka an island in a bite!

They've also got a great promotion towards the end of the month when guests can visit their local Baskin-Robbins location and Celebrate 31. On March 31, guests can get a regular or kids-sized scoop of their favorite ice cream at any worldwide store that participates for only $1.70.

2. Ben & Jerry’s

Ashley Steinberg

Always the innovator, the brand recently announced a partnership with Netflix to create a PB ice cream called Netflix and Chilll'd, which probably seemed to overshadow the equally as exciting announcement of the NEW sunflower butter-based flavors, adding to it's already well-praised collection of non-dairy frozen desserts. This makes it the first national brand to use sunflower butter in non-dairy desserts, Ben & Jerry’s hopes to continue to spread the non-dairy love for ice cream lovers. The three new ice cream flavors (all dairy free) offer seed-based goodness, including:

- Milk & Cookies - Vanilla dairy-free "ice cream" with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies & chocolate cookie swirls

- Crème Brûlée Cookie - Burnt caramel dairy-free "ice cream" with brown sugar cookies & salted caramel swirls

- Mint Chocolate Cookie - Mint dairy-free "ice cream" with chocolate sandwich cookies

And if that wasn't enough, they also have two new almond based Non-Dairy Mini Cups (single scoops) in P.B. & Cookies and Caramel Chocolate Chunk (a new flavor that's only available in the mini cup format).

3. Van Leeuwen

Ashley Steinberg

Van Leeuwen's newest flavors launched on 1/29 with paying specific homage to the latest 2020 food trends: "sustainable, homemade ingredients, alcohol-infused creations, as well as plant-based must-haves," to quote the company. Their new ice cream flavors include:

- Marionberry Cheesecake (Regular dairy ice cream): My favorite of the four–which is interesting because I like chocolate and dislike cheesecake and I chose it over a chocolate flavor–it includes cheesecake ice cream, swirls of their homemade marionberry jam, fresh-picked marionberries from Stahlbush Farms, and crumbles of graham cracker crust.

- Irish Cream (Regular dairy ice cream): This alcohol-focused flavor is made with cocoa, vanilla, and a splash of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey–aka, a great addition to your St. Party's Day celebration.

- Churros & Fudge (Vegan, oat base): A close second, including Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Oat Milk based ice cream, with housemade churros and a chocolate fudge swirl. This is one of two Oat Milk flavors–a huge win considering there aren't many places making ice cream with the newest popular milk yet.

- Ginger Lemon Poppy Seed Crumble (Vegan, cashew base): This ginger ice cream has chunks of lemon poppy seed cookies folded into it, giving it a huge burst of lemon flavor, if that's your thing.

4. Magnum

For Galentine's day, the popular chocolate-covered-ice cream bar company released some ruby chocolate covered bars that are incredibly swoonworthy. And even though the pink hue has V-day vibes, it is a treat that can–and will–definitely satisfy long after.

Have I convinced you to give the chill a try, yet? If you said yes, get out there and try everything on the list. If you said no, you're probably lying.