Elon students and tea lovers alike can appreciate all that Argo Tea is.  The specialty beverage company and cafe is known for their wide variety of  local and global tea, coffee, and food combinations. Argo is a hot-spot on Elon's campus where students grab snacks between classes or fuel up with their daily caffeine fix. Bustling during the week, it's safe to say that Elon's Argo lovers can't wait for their go-to spot to reopen for spring. Here are the 5 things Elon students miss most about Argo during winter term:

1. Signatures, Sparkles and Squeezes

Argo Tea cafes have endless combinations of teas and add-ins to create a hot or cold drink to your liking.  My favorite signature drink for cold Elon mornings is a hot Hibiscus Apple Cider, and for when I'm feeling iced, my go-to is the Mojitea. Other popular orders include Kombucha Sparkles, Green Tea Ginger Twists and Hibiscus Tea Squeezes.



orangetaki on Flickr

Dining hall menu looking sketchy? Getting out of class in between lunch and dinner hours but still really hungry? Argo panini options have got you covered. Grab a Roasted Tomato & Spinach, Feta Red Pepper, Smoked Turkey & Swiss or my favorite: roasted red pepper, creamy brie, and grilled chicken on a toasty roll. 


When I'm running late to my morning classes but still want breakfast, I run in to Argo for one of their delicious pastries. My favorites include toasted croissants, lemon poppy-seed muffins, and apple tarts

4. Instagram-able Goodies


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From refreshing black or green bubble teas to stacks of chocolate, vanilla, pistachio and raspberry macarons, Argo has you covered in terms of social-media worthy snacks and beverages. With Argo closed, our feeds are lacking these sweet pics this winter term.

5. The Staff and the Atmosphere 

While all of Argo's products are great, one thing we really miss is the friendly staff and the welcoming place to hangout. We miss the baristas who know our names and orders by heart, the relaxing atmosphere to do homework with friends and the opportunity to run into basically everyone you know. 

Argo, thanks for being you. Our time apart has made me realize how much I truly value you.  We hope you enjoyed your break, but Elon students cannot wait to see you in February to help fuel us through spring semester.