Growing up, you've probably consumed milk at one point or another. To you back then, most kinds of milk were the exact same; the only variations that you knew or cared about were on the lines of vanilla/regular, strawberry, and chocolate. To you in 2018, not all milk variations are the same, and Elmhurst Milked is living proof of such. This past weekend, they've teamed up with Meme's Diner in Brooklyn for a one-day popup, and I'd like to share what you've all missed.

What's Elmhurst Milked?

Elmhurst Milked is a plant-based milk company that sells milked nuts, milked grains, and unsweetened milk. All of their products are non-GMO, gluten-free, certified vegan, lactose-free, and kosher, so they can be consumed by us all. While most people would think to use milk in their cereal, Elmhurst's products are also capable of being used when you're in the kitchen cooking, with your tea, or in a smoothie, if that's your thing. However, if you're going to use any of Elmhurst's containers of milk in your tea, I highly suggest their Milked Hazelnuts; not only is it to die for, but the texture is absolutely amazing and also pairs well with most pastries. 

What exactly happened at the pop-up?

Now, this is probably the only part of this article that you, the reader care about. Elmhurst's pop-up was broken down into two components, which included brunch from 12:30 to 4 pm, and a walk-in-only ice cream social from 7 to 10 pm.

During brunch, there were four menu specials to select from and an additional cocktail special that was also on the menu. Menu options included 'Milk & Cereal,' 'Poached Potatoes,' 'Oatmeal Buckle,' and a lovely 'Cathead Biscuit w/Milked Chocolate Peanuts Jam' with the cocktail special being a 'Hazelnut Milk Punch'. 

All of the menu items were absolutely amazing in terms of their aesthetic, flavor, and quality of ingredients. However, I will say that I'm partial to the biscuit because that's what I had. There's no getting over the chocolate jam that was used with the creaminess of the actual biscuit itself.

During the ice cream social, there were also four menu specials to select from. The menu options ranged from their 'PB & J Milkshake' to a 'Phosphate' drink, to an actual 'Sundae,' and then to actual 'Cookies and Milk'.  While the 'PB & J Milkshake' was cute due to the glass being smeared with peanut butter and jelly, the added pretzel was a little unnecessary and didn't help the flavor of the actual milkshake. 

However, the 'Cookies and Milk' was phenomenal. The 'Milked Hazelnuts' that was used complimented the black and white cookies thin and creamy texture to a 'T.' The combo was honestly perfection, and I'd love to make it my significant other sometime.

It's safe to say that after a day of eating delightful dishes with a  bunch of wonderful people, the popup was a huge success, despite the weather. All in all, I highly recommend Elmhurst's products, not only because they're the best nut milk brand that I've encountered to this day, but because they're so delicious that you can't even tell that you're drinking nuts.