I don't know about you, but I love Greek yogurt. I'm always looking for a snack that is going to keep me full but also satisfied. From my experience, Greek yogurt tends to be a little bland, but Ellenos has transformed that concept with its fruity flavors. If you've never heard of Ellenos, well now you won't be able to get enough. 

What Is Ellenos Greek Yogurt?


Ellenos uses a traditional Greek yogurt recipe and hand-crafted process which has been handed down in the Apostolopoulos family for generations.

The brand started with an yogurt bar Pike Place Market in 2013 and has expanded to nationwide delivery so yogurt lovers across the country can enjoy this one of a kind snack.

Made with fresh milk sourced directly from a single local farmer, Ellenos boasts a creamy and rich texture with a hint of sweetness from its in-house fruit purees. We can't forget to mention that the purees are made from whole food ingredients. 

What Flavors Are There?


When it comes to yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, flavor is of utmost importance and Ellenos has found the key with its fruit purees and limited-edition varieties. 

For those craving the sweetness of fruit in their yogurt, here are some of the flavors you might enjoy: Lemon Curd, Mango, Passion Fruit, Marionberry and Muesli

Looking for something more classic? Try Vanilla Bean or Natural/Plain Unsweetened

Sweetened with milk and fruit, Ellenos has Apple Cinnamon, Cherry Vanilla, Fig Raisin and Pineapple Ginger

The brands latest limited-edition flavor is Brownie Batter which combines a hand-crafted chocolate sauce and a cookie crumble to create a decadent and rich treat. 

Where To Find Ellenos  


Can't make it out to Pike Place Market in Seattle? No need to worry. Ellenos recently expanded to an online e-commerce site where fans can purchase some of the brands most popular and limited-edition flavors. If you love Ellenos as much as I do, you can even buy some merchandise to show your support!