UC Berkeley is the origin of many stories, including that of ElevenTwelve, a lifestyle brand founded by two Cal football alumni, Giorgio Tavecchio and Vincenzo D’Amato (fun fact: their old jersey numbers inspired the name of the business). Together with Paolo Tempo and Davide Merlo, the duo united their experiences in American football with their love for Italian cuisine to create the brand you see today. 

ElevenTwelve specializes in importing high-quality artisanal wine, pasta, and sauce from the Piemonte region of northwestern Italy, prioritizing authenticity and flavor—both of which are distinctly highlighted in all of its products. I had the amazing opportunity to try out two different dishes with some of my friends, so here are some of my thoughts upon tasting ElevenTwelve’s pasta and sauce:

Ligurian Basil Pesto & Egg Pasta

Sarah Su

This dish was my personal favorite of the two. Upon first bite, I was immediately struck by the strong and aromatic flavor of the basil. The sauce was light and enjoyable, with a hint of tartness from the vinegar that tied together all of the different flavors. The best part of the dish was the flavor from the pine nuts that were sprinkled throughout the sauce, which provided a nice texture to the pasta and imparted a beautiful nutty aroma. The egg noodles were thin and wide, which created an easy platform for the salty, umami sauce to cling and hit every one of my tastebuds.

#SpoonTip: Watch out for how long you cook your egg noodles! Because the noodles are on the thinner side, the cook time will be significantly shorter than other pastas.

White Truffle Tomato Sauce & Wheat Semolina Fusilli

Sarah Su

For this dish, the first thing that caught my attention was the unique, musky scent from the white truffle. Imparting a rich and pungent taste, it subtly added to the tangy tomato sauce, creating a powerful combination. The finely diced onion, carrot, and celery also conveyed a sweetness upon the already complex flavor profile. This sauce had a heavier, more intense, taste, but the addition of some grated parmesan cheese added a nice, creamy contrast. The fusilli itself was nicely al dente, and the grooves of each individual pasta enhanced the distinct aroma of the sauce.

#SpoonTip: Since the pasta and sauce are sold separately, make sure to add an appropriate amount of pasta for the amount of sauce you are planning on using!

I hope that this article has encouraged you to try out some of ElevenTwelve's high-quality products, which are infused with tastes reminiscent of traditional Italian cuisine. It’s an experience that you will not want to miss out on.

Along with the delectable sauces and pastas, ElevenTwelve also offers a large variety of Italian wines—including red, white and rosé—that pair excellently with these pasta dishes. Not only sold at affordable prices, these authentic wines are also of high quality. If you're interested in any of ElevenTwelve's products, check out the brand's Facebook and Instagram, or visit ElevenTwelve's website, to easily and safely purchase any of the items mentioned in this article.