University of Delaware’s Main Street is certainly home to an abundance of restaurants that cater to a college student’s budget. One of the biggest staples in a college diet is the burrito. It’s cheap, and it’s damn good. Here in Newark, you have your choice between Chipotle, Del Pez, California Tortilla, Santa Fé and El Diablo, all within a couple blocks.

But since new-comer El Diablo has shown up, Blue Hens remain divided. Students are loyal to Chipotle or El Diablo, and there doesn’t seem to be a compromise. We at Spoon wanted to settle it once and for all: is newbie El  Diablo better than classic Chipotle? Our team, Michelle, Caroline, Allyn and Alyssa, divided their experiences into rounds and found a winner. Let the battle begin.

Round 1: Wait Time/Atmosphere

“As someone who has always frequented Chipotle, I love the atmosphere at El Diablo. They play great music and have a big open window. At Chipotle, I feel like I have to scream my order.” – Michelle

“All I know is the out the door wait at El Diablo is insane, and the glass is definitely too high at Chipotle #shortpeopleproblems.” – Caroline

“El Diablo is more inviting and less industrial looking. The employees are more willing to explain the options; I feel super rushed at Chipotle.” – Alyssa

Winner Round 1: El Diablo


Photo by Caroline Grew

Round 2: Cheese Choices

“There’s a variety at El Diablo, but I prefer the classic cheese blend I’m used to at Chipotle.” – Michelle

“The cheese is spicier at El Diablo, and I don’t like spice.” – Caroline

“I like the concept of all the choices, but I’m too afraid to put goat cheese on a burrito.” – Allyn

Winner Round 2: Chipotle

Round 3: Protein Variety

“There are more things I’d try at El Diablo – chicken, steak, and mahi mahi.” – Michelle

“Wtf is barbacoa?” – Allyn

“Though I’m strictly a chicken eater, I think the proteins are better labeled at El Diablo. There are more options and you know exactly what you’re getting.” – Alyssa

Winner Round 3: El Diablo


Photo by Caroline Grew

 Round 4: Taste/Flavor

“There’s more meat spice at Chipotle.” – Alyssa

“Because of all the toppings at El Diablo, it makes for a more flavorful meal and it tastes fresher.” – Allyn

“At Chipotle, you know what flavor you’re getting and the cilantro rice is amazing, but El Diablo’s taste is more customizable.” – Caroline

Winner Round 4: Tie


Photo by Allyn Scherr

Round 5: Vegetarian Options 

“As a vegetarian, I like the options better at El Diablo. I don’t like tofu or mushrooms, but I enjoyed the cheese and beans quesadilla because it felt more like a meal.” – Caroline

“I’ve had vegetarian options from both places. I think sofritas are disgusting, the texture is gross. The mushrooms from El Diablo rule.” – Allyn

Winner Round 5: El Diablo


Photo by Michelle Sachs

Round 6: Toppings and Sauces

“Why doesn’t Chipotle have jalapeños?” – Allyn

“I am definitely overwhelmed by the choices at El Diablo, but I think it’s a better selection.” – Alyssa

“I don’t normally get many toppings at Chipotle. This El Diablo pineapple salsa is banging.” – Caroline

Winner Round 6: El Diablo


Photo by Allyn Scherr

Round 7: Sides

“When it comes to chip & guac flavor, they’re both good, but El Diablo is cheaper and gives you more. I do like Chipotle’s pico de gallo better, though.” – Michelle

“They charge for sour cream, what the hell?” – Caroline

“It’s nice that El Diablo offers queso and chipotle doesn’t.” – Alyssa

Winner Round 7: El Diablo


Photo by Allyn Scherr

Round 8: Fullness/Weight

“I feel like I get a good amount at both places.” – Michelle

“My burrito from El Diablo was 1.1 f**king pounds… they had to rewrap it because the tortilla broke. So I’m gonna have to go with them.” – Allyn

“My order from Chipotle wasn’t overstuffed or overfilled, it was the perfect amount.” – Caroline

Winner Round 8: Tie


Photo by Allyn Scherr

Overall Winner: El Diablo

El Diablo has a larger menu for more adventurous eaters and Chipotle sticks with the classics. El Diablo dominated our battle winning 5 of the 8 categories. It’s been decided: all hail El Diablo. (Now to just get through that line…)


Gif Courtesy of giphy