I can literally waste hours of my life scrolling through pictures of food on Instagram. At this point, my entire discover feed is food pictures and videos. I love knowing the names and faces behind the pics I'm double tappin', so I did some research and compiled a list of some of my fave food Instagrams run by my fellow Eagles! 


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Morgan Pagliocco, a junior from New Hampshire, is the foodie behind this account. The thing about her Insta that makes me fall in love is her full-table shots from above. I'm assuming there's an official photography word for this, but for my untrained, hungry eyes, the word is yum. By the look of her insta, she clearly has the local go-to spots down, so toss her a follow and definitely don't be shy to ask where you should eat in the areas around BC


When someone told me this account was run by a BC student I was seriously so shocked. I always thought it was a professional (side note: wondering if you can be "professional" at Instagram and if I should just drop out and do that). Anyways, the foodie behind this account is Valerie Fitton from Connecticut. Scrolling through her feed is so aesthetically pleasing that I've started doing that instead of snacking. You'll regret it if you don't follow her. 


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Kate Higgins, sophomore from New Jersey, is the shining star behind this account. I love this Instagram because it's beautiful and mouth-watering without being too extra. I'm also really into how she doesn't limit her insta to just her hometown and things around school, but she also posts things from vacations and even some homemade meals! You can tell that Kate knows a lot about food and where to get the best bites. After scrolling through her insta I'm definitely gonna shoot her a follow and a text about where she recommends eating. 


Caroline Galliano, Class of 2019 from New Orleans, and the owner of this account has the ability to make your mouth water through a phone. I love this account because it shows you that being a foodie is a reflection of culture. "Growing up in New Orleans, food is a huge part of my life and it's fun to express this through pictures" Caroline told me about how food is so important to her. The best part of tookanotherbite is that not only is the food rich in culture from Caroline's hometown, but she does an amazing job repping Boston and posting local food too. 


Run by Kim Chook, Class of 2018, from a suburb of Boston, balanced_beaming is the only health food insta I allow myself to follow. Not only are her photos beautiful, but her handle is actually a good reflection of her posts. She supports a healthy lifestyle but also encourages her followers to eat what they want, which is super important to me. It seriously promotes a balanced diet and I love that message. 


Maddie Caponiti, class of 2019, from New York started her food account this summer with her sister. Her pictures are so beautiful that you'd think she's a professional photographer. My favorite thing about this account is that it's so collaborative and features food eaten by Maddie's friends all over the world. So if you're interested in stunning pictures of delectable food from all over (and why wouldn't you be?) sauce this girl a follow. 


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Twogirls1plate is run by BC junior Kaitlin Ardiff from New Jersey. This account rocks because the owner is so genuine about her love of food and that's why she started the account in the first place. Also her food in the air pictures are seriously so good that I drool. If you want a local taste of #fita pics, follow her ASAP. 


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When I first saw this Instagram I was so confused. Like, who knew healthy food could look so appetizing? Marissa Cohen is a sophomore from Connecticut and her account is unreal. She started her page when she developed several food intolerances that forced her to adjust her diet. It's amazing to see how Instagram can be a creative outlet for people who have special dietary needs and in turn creates a community. 13/10 would recommend following her even if you don't have any dietary restrictions, the food still looks so damn good.


We seem to have hit the motherload, y'all. In my search for the best Instagrams run by BC students I stumbled upon one run by EIGHT BC SOPHOMORES, Katie Diasti from Florida, Alana Harrington from New Jersey, Kate Farabaugh and Maverick Lydon Shay from Massachusetts, Bergin Brown from Minnesota, and Jackie Lua, Sofia Pizzuti, and Julia Napoli from California. Not only are these pictures amazing, but I love how the collaboration in this insta seriously shows how food can bring people together


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Junior Clarissa Morrison is literally changing the food insta game forever. Instead of posting pics of the foods she eats at restaurants, everything on her insta is homemade. Except it doesn't look homemade at all. Not sure how she manages to make everything she makes look absolutely professional but I'm considering reaching out to her to have her start a cooking class or something because damn.