From one food lover to the next, figuring out what to eat in the Big Apple is a common struggle. Whether it is your first time traveling to New York City or you live right near Central Park, here are eight foods to try in New York this summer that will offer you an NYC food experience like never before, from the classics to the latest food trends.

1. Wowfulls

True to its name, this dessert takes waffle cones to a whole new level. With waffle flavors ranging from chocolate to coconut and endless ice cream flavors and toppings, this unique dessert will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

2. Ramen Burgers 

I mean, WOW. Seriously, what better combination could you ask for? A juicy burger, fresh arugula, and perfectly cooked noodles, all tied together with a secret sauce will have you craving this meal all summer long. Head over to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn to try it today!

3. Kombucha Ice Pops

Popping up all over social media, these kombucha ice pops have set a new bar for summer desserts. The delicious geometric pops, created by The Better Pop Co., are only made with kombucha and whole fruit, and are packed with vitamins and minerals. A fun alternative to ice cream but no less sweet, The Better Pop is something out of our summer dreams. 

4. Grilled Cheese Dumplings

Imagine biting into a warm cheesy dumpling, perfectly breaded and spiced, with savory tomato soup to compliment. Found at Beauty & Essex on the Lower East Side, this signature dish has completely redefined the classic American grilled cheese and is definitely a top bucket list food. 

5. Rainbow Bagels

You cannot go to New York and not try a bagel. The bagel is an integral part of New York culture; it's the beginning of many mornings, the glue of every Sunday brunch, and the perfect partner for our coffee. You may want to try a classic poppy seed bagel adorned with lox and cream cheese, by why stick to the classics? Go for the rainbow bagel! It's not everyday that you can eat rainbow food for breakfast, and the swirly colorful dough will be sure to kickstart your day.

6. New York Style Pizza

Just like our bagels, New York style pizza is something else that is intrinsic to NYC culture. It is impossible to explain the magnitude of my love for this pizza, but let's just say I will never find anything better. The savory crunchy crust, gooey mozzarella, and beautifully seasoned tomato sauce will never let you down... ever. From classic pepperoni to a penne pizza, this must be a part of your New York food-scapade. 

7. Lobster Toast 

Lobster rolls are a summer favorite for many, and recently,  menus are popping up with a different take on this dish: lobster toast. Crispy butter and garlic toast topped with sweet lobster from the coast that is spiced and seasoned to perfection, this gourmet "finger food", if you will, is taking waterfront locales by storm.

8. Chipwiches    

Nothing says summer like a good ol' chipwich. You can find them almost anywhere on the island in the summertime, but places like Dominique Ansel Bakery or Milk & Cookies Bakery will be sure to give you a chipwich so amazing that you will constantly be going back. If you want to try to make one of your own, pick any cookie of your choice from the famous Levain Bakery along with your favorite ice cream and you will have homemade chipwiches to keep you cool in the summer heat.

Undoubtedly, the New York City food scene is overwhelming. But if you start with these 8 dishes, you're sure to get a solid dose of the broad variety of cuisine that the Big Apple has to offer.