It’s a tragic, yet ever-so-common scene: You walk into Whole Foods and head straight to the dairy aisle to quench your non-dairy craving with Oatly oat milk. But alas, it’s sold out. Oat milk is the latest non-dairy milk option infatuating lactose intolerants and trend seekers. The OG brand on the market, Oatly, is a hot commodity today, but because the company is based in Sweden, it takes a long time for U.S. retailers to restock their inventory. And even when they do, the heavenly oat milk flies off the shelves.

Zoe Malin

Luckily, a variety of oat milk brands have emerged to fill the Oatly gap, including such brands like Silk and Planet Oat. These alternatives are often easier to find and cheaper to buy, but they still have the same great nutty flavor. Check out these brands of oat milk if you’re tired of spending $5 on half a gallon of Oatly, or if the supermarket is sold out...again.

Planet Oat

Zoe Malin

Planet Oat has four types of oat milk: original, vanilla, extra creamy and dark chocolate. The extra creamy variety has a texture that is the closest to Oatly's, and it holds up well if you’re pouring it straight into coffee. Planet Oat premiered at the end of 2018, so stores are just beginning to carry it. But if you can find it, be sure to grab it.


Quaker is known for oat-based products, so the brand was practically required to debut its own oat milk. Quaker Oat Beverage comes in a bottle made from 100% recyclable materials, which is just one of the brand's bragging rights. It’s oat milk also has a high fiber content and all three flavors--original, vanilla and unsweetened--are smooth and tasty. 


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Although it's a bit more watery than other oat milk brands, Elmhurst’s Milked Oats is still a great option. Even better is Elmhurst’s Milked Oats Barista Blend, but it’s harder to find in stores. Elmhurst recommends buyers enjoy the beverages within 7-10 days after opening, so it expires somewhat quicker than other brands.

Coffee Mate

Coffee Mate’s oat milk creamer is the newest addition to the brand’s non-dairy natural bliss creamer line. It’s thick and adds just the right amount of sweetness to a cup of joe. The oat milk creamer is made with natural ingredients and doesn’t have any GMOs, so you should never feel guilty about asking for a splash of cream in your coffee again.

Califia Farms

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Califia Farms oat milk is über-safe: It’s nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher and vegan. If that isn’t enough, both of the brand's oat milk varieties--unsweetened and barista blend--contain no added sugar. You can find it in stores in the refrigerator right next to Califia Farms' almond milk.

Pacific Foods

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Pacific Foods oat milk is attractive because it's shelf-stable, meaning it doesn’t have to be refrigerated before it’s opened. It has a thinner consistency than other brands, so the flavor isn’t super strong, but it’s still a good oat-y option.


Expanding beyond its strictly soy milk days, Silk’s oat milk premiered in January 2019. Called “Oat Yeah,” it’s extremely smooth, just like Silk’s other nut milk varieties. This oat milk comes in an original and vanilla flavor, as well as a chocolate flavor that seriously hits the spot.


Zoe Malin

When it started, Dream only sold rice milk, so the brand is an expert in the field of grain-based milks. Its oat milk comes in four flavors: original, unsweetened, vanilla and chocolate. Each flavor is shelf-stable, and it's sold in bulk on Amazon.

Once you go oat, you never go back.

If you have yet to board the oat milk train, now is most definitely the time. With so many oat milks popping up on the market, it's inevitable that the flavor and consistency will vary by brand. Experiment with different brands in your coffee, tea, cereal and baked goods to figure out which rocks your bOAT. If anything, you'll expand your non-dairy horizons and cause less panic when Oatly isn't available.