As a lover of all things ice cream, there’s nothing I love more than an ice cream full of delicious mix-ins. Nothing beats a nice rich chocolate ice cream with crunchy almonds and fluffy marshmallow pieces. Edy’s, the iconic ice cream brand that pioneered our beloved Rocky Road, is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the hit flavor. What better way to celebrate than with three new rock road-inspired flavors? Edy’s will now have a total of six epic flavors in their Rocky Road Collection.

The three new flavors include Salted Carmel Pretzel Path, Brownie Brick Road, and Cookie Cobblestone. Salted Caramel Pretzel Path is how you achieve salty-sweet perfection. If you like things a little sweeter, reach for Brownie Brick Road. It's got chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces, gooey brownie batter, and crispy brownie edges. And my personal favorite, the new Cookie Cobblestone. It's basically a new take on s’mores and is made with chocolate sandwich cookies, gooey swirls of marshmallows, chunks of cookie dough, surrounded by rich chocolate ice cream. Campfires will never be the same.

And don’t forget about the other three flavors in the Rocky Road Collection, Mocha Almond Avenue, Chocolate Peanut Butter Park, and The Original Rocky Road. Happy snacking!