Visualize the drive you take to school, work, or just about anywhere in Greenville, North Carolina and what fast food establishments you pass. I think it's safe to assume that you drove by at least one Bo’Jangles, McDonald's, China King, or Cookout on your virtual path. Healthy restaurants in Greenville are slim to none around here, but Jessica Albi had an inclination to bring a better quick stop food joint to a town that is recognized for its hospitals and health programs, but lacks proof of that in terms of places to eat.

Fresh Vibes made its first appearance on Charles Boulevard two years ago as Juice Vibes, being the only fast but healthy restaurant in Greenville. But the name change does not interfere with the message she continuously achieves to relay, “It matters what we put at the end of our forks.”

More About Jessica

A few years ago she lost her grandfather to cancer, which greatly impacted her view of the medical treatments we receive and the foods that we put into our bodies. She admits that he was not as healthy as he could have been, and that in her opinion, this unhealthy lifestyle was major cause for his cancers development. Upon researching the impacts of meat consumption on cancer rates and other diseases, she was stricken with the drive to change the food scene here and opened up her own healthy restaurant in Greenville, NC. While she was not able to change his diet, she has taken it upon herself to create a strictly plant-based restaurant in hopes to create a little healthy food asylum in a town that truly needed it.

Whats In Store?

Even if you're not in it for the health benefits, the smoothies, juices, and food Fresh Vibes creates are DANG delicious and wont do your wallet dirty. It is also 100% plant-based and dairy-free restaurant, so vegans and lactose intolerants unite! This is one of the few places around here that truly caters to you.  

Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth, a need for caffeine, or need a snacking option you won't feel guilty about, Fresh Vibes has it. 

A Grand Surprise...

With the grand reopening due to rebranding that took place Friday the 5th of October, owner Jessica is excited to announce that Fresh Vibes is in the process of developing another location aimed to be done by 2019. The store will be equipped with a drive through window, and will be located near the Health Sciences campus. So you can get your body some goods on the go.

Jessica is extremely knowledgeable on most, if not all of the benefits of each ingredient she puts into her foods, and thoughtfully creates each item on the menu. So whether you have got a runny nose, joint pain, or even acne she can give you a clue as to which nutrients your body is craving! Do your taste buds and more importantly your body a favor — head to Fresh Vibes.