Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to get up for food, but that it would magically appear in front of you? If you answered no, you’re lying, because that’s the dream. And thanks to EatStreet, that dream is kind of coming true.


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EatStreet is a new food delivery app that works with restaurants both far and near campus to bring food closer to you. Based on your location, they list delivery restaurants they’ve partnered with that are nearby. That’s right, rather than searching each restaurant’s own website, it compiles tons of restaurants together for you in one app. Did we forget to mention this means you can also avoid the dreaded human interaction of calling in?


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From there, you can search for food by prices, cuisine, distance or ratings. EatStreet will tell you the minimum total needed for delivery, and the delivery cost, although some places don’t have one (Pizza Bob’s, Pita Pit, Saigon Garden). Once you’ve gone through the whole menu of aMa Bistro (guilty), you can pay right on the app and select how much you want to tip. On the oh-so-sad occasion a restaurant is closed before you order, it will gently break the news to you. There’s literally no way to not find what you’re looking for.

EatStreet is currently partnered with more than 65 delivery restaurants in the Ann Arbor area. These include restaurants from less than a mile away to 5 miles away, from Get Some Burritos to TGIFriday’s. Which means you can now order from restaurants you couldn’t otherwise get to without a car. (Dorm students, rejoice.) It also offers coupons and loyalty deals exclusively for EatStreet users. If you’re forgetful, it will conveniently keep track of your orders, letting you know how many late night orders away from a coupon you are. Not that it’ll be hard, late night orders are somewhat of a nightly ritual in college.
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So if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, do it now. It’s available for iOS and Android, for free. Yes, free. You’re welcome.

Congratulations, now you know everything about Eatstreet. We hope you two are very happy together.

Make the switch with us to EatStreet, today. For $3 off of your order of $15 or higher, use the code 3SPOON for a limited time only!

This post is sponsored by EatStreet.
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