As students return back to school, restaurants on campus will become filled with students ready to chow down. EatStreet, an online food ordering service, has been helping students across the country order food from the comfort of their homes. Recently, EatStreet researchers have determined the most popular food ordered on select campuses, including the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

With so many restaurants on the UIUC campus, it almost seems impossible to guess the most ordered food on EatStreet. Focusing mostly on orders after 10:00 pm, the EatStreet researchers have determined that calzones are the #1 food ordered on the UIUC campus.

bread, cheese
Rachel Davis

D.P. Dough is the most well-known restaurant on the University of Illinois campus for serving out of this world calzones. D.P. Dough doesn't mess around with their 'zones. The restaurant offers a wide variety of calzones that can please any customer's appetite.

The EatStreet researchers also discovered more interesting data. When it comes to pizza, pepperoni remains the ultimate pizza topping. But watch out—veggie pizzas are coming in hot and are only 10 percentage points behind from taking over the head ranking title.

pizza, pepperoni, dough, crust, sauce, mozzarella, cheese
Emily Waples

EatStreet didn't stop there though. They also discovered that macaroni salad is ordered more often than cinnamon sticks. Also, cream cheese is added as a pizza topping more than mushrooms and jalapeños combined, proving that college students make some weird choices when drunk.

Stated by Matt Howard, CEO and co-founder of EatStreet, “EatStreet caters to college towns, giving us good insight into what – and when – students are eating. Nothing brings people together like food – and probably beer – which is why we’re highlighting what students are eating. It’s easy to throw a great party when you know what everyone likes to eat.”

With that in mind, download the EatStreet app or check out their website so you can make everyday a party with some delicious food. Eat up.