My first SPW was an experience – the 72 hours of partying, the empty concert, and of course, the endless eating. I honestly did a taste tour of Hamilton during the weekend and this allowed for me to experience the true highlights of Hamilton cuisine.

The continued frunking and Slices made for a weekend to never forget. The only show able to fully express my experience is, of course, The Office.

1. My SPW eating pregame – gourmet cuisine at Coop

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I did not know why the Coop suddenly created a station serving tuna tartare, but I certainly did not question it. The wait was not super long and the mango salsa was amazing. A perfect way to start SPW.

2. Friday darties – Eatery mac

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Replace breadsticks with mac and you are spot on. Eatery mac is heavenly – I could probably have it for most meals everyday. It was even more delightful while slightly drunk and very tired and hungry after walking from party to party. A true gift sent from the Eatery gods.

3. Friday night – Slices on Slices

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Slices is a true Colgate landmark. I would be honestly ashamed of myself if I did not eat a single slice this past weekend. Have no fear, I had several, and with ranch of course.

4. Saturday post Fraturday – La Iguana

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There is nothing like sitting down for a nice meal after a long and tiring Fraturday. Although the wait was long for my veggie tacos, it was all worth it. I ate them all in approximately 5 minutes.

5. Saturday night – frunking

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At this point late on Saturday night, all I wanted was some dessert or a glorious Ed burger. For some reason, however, Ed was nowhere in sight. Then I checked the dessert section and it was seriously lacking. I settled for some cookies. An overall disappointing end to my first SPW food festival, I went back to my room and snacked on granola bars.

See you next year, SPW.