We’ve all heard the old adage: “You are what you eat.” But have any of us ever truly taken this advice to heart? Everyone knows that eating carrots won’t turn you into a carrot. And sadly, eating Blake Lively will not help you transform into her (trust us, we’ve tried).

But perhaps our perspective has been too limited.

Behold, the newest fad diet: You Are What You Eat, Literally (often referred to as “going YAWYEL” by its devoted cult following). But this is more than just a diet—it is a lifestyle change rooted in positivity and optimism. By focusing solely on foods with names that sound super great, and eliminating those with icky pessimistic connotations, you will begin to feel like a whole new person!

Here are some helpful examples to get you started on your journey to a more uplifting relationship with food.


Italian Wedding Soup

Photo by Heidi Pesotski

Looking for love? Into Italian dudes? This ballsy staple should be your dinner tonight! (While you eat, practice visualizing getting hitched to your one true amore.)

Whoopie Pie

Photo by Katelyn Jones

Whoopee, pie! It’s a cookie and a celebration, all in one. You’ll be cheering for more.

Hero Sandwich

Photo by Parisa Soraya

Everyone needs a hero sometimes; no one ever said it had to be a person. This sandwich is here to save your life by flying directly at your face hole. No cape necessary.

Quaker Oats

Photo by Gabby Phi

Give some meaning to your self-professed pacifism by eating soggy pilgrim grains for breakfast. This is what piety tastes like. Get used to it.


Photo by Jennifer Cao

Don’t fall behind! And always use a condiment. (Get it?!)


Rocky Road Ice Cream


Photo by Gabby Phi

Rocky roads may be the roads less traveled, but then the rocks will get stuck in your shoes and you’ll curse yourself for trying to be “alternative.” This ice cream, though deceptively delicious-looking, sounds like a depressing journey through the mud.

Bleu Cheese

Photo by Bernard Wen

It has sadness right there in the name. It also sounds like something that happened in a food porno (not the same as #foodporn). You’re classier than that.

Caesar Salad

Photo by Nina Lincoff

You know Caesar got stabbed, right?

Clif Bar

Photo by Emily Waples

A cliff and a bar are two places where you will inevitably hit rock bottom. Avoid at all costs.

If the “You Are What You Eat, Literally” diet isn’t for you, educate yourself on these other trends: