Pizza. The food of a thousand parties, late nights, and joyful memories. If any of you have watched Lucie Fink in the past, you might know that she loves pizza, in a I'm-in-a-relationship-with-it way. 

Recently, she did a video about eating pizza for five days straight (as part of her Living with Lucie series). Since it's summer and I'm back home where the bagels are good, and the pizza even better, I was inspired me to think about what I would eat if I ate only pizza for 5 days. After some soul-searching in pizza fliers, my local pizza joints, and plenty of instagram scrolling, I've narrowed it down. Keep reading below for what my ideal 5 Days of Pizza would look like.


For breakfast, pizza is tricky. I like cold pizza, but not that much to have it solely as a breakfast food. Therefore, I think I would 'borrow' Lucie's idea and make a breakfast pizza like the one she got from Grotto's. Eggs, bread, bacon, and cheese sound delicious!

Since I like to make good things last long, I'd make that pie last as long as I could, probably from Day 1 to 4. On Day 5, I'd be lost for ideas, searching my fridge for anything that could be whipped up into pizza form. But fear not, for English muffins, eggs, and sriracha will save my morning


Personally, I like to keep one of my three meals light throughout the day. Since breakfast is heavier, my lunch pizza would be a little different. If I were Lucie Fink, I'd pop out of the Refinery 29 NYC office and head to any of the fancy 'gourmet' pizza places that are all over the city. Sadly I am not, and I either have to make my pizza myself or get it from a cheaper joint. As such, I'd opt to make a low-carb cauliflower crust pizza like this one

or simply take a piece of lettuce and pile on veggies. Yes, I know that technically this isn't a pizza, but hey, a girl's gotta have some variation.


It's the end of the day, my stomach is rumbling so what in the world do I eat? Pizza of course! The options are truly endless here, so I'd switch it up every day. On Day 1, I'd go for the classic Dollar Slice.

tomato, dough, sauce, cheese, crust, pizza
Anna Freund

On Day 2 I'm feeling more square, it's Tuesday after all, and would hop on over to Prince Street Pizza for a rectangular slice. (remember: a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square)

Days 3 and 4 call for some New Jersey pizza lovin'. Some crispy coal-fired pizza topped with mozzarella and olives, or classic strip-mall slices would fill my tummy until I fell asleep. 

Alex Frank

Day 5, the last day means it's the last day for fun and games. It's go big or go home time. That means that I must visit America's first pizzeria: Lombardi's. 

At the end of this experiment I'd theoretically be sick of pizza and never want to eat it again. Again, theoretically, which means that I would still be ready for pizza lovin' every now and then. However, to see someone who actually went through with it, check out Lucie Fink's youtube video.

In conclusion, pizza for one, pizza for all!