I can confidently say I have a strong passion for food, and specifically taking insta-worthy food pictures. During this past spring break, I documented my food journey while in Charleston, South Carolina visiting my twin sister, (Hi shout out Moriah), in New York City, and while being home in New, Jersey. Specifically, Charleston is known for its rich southern culture and with that, their endless assortment of restaurants that are mouthwatering. Additionally, as I am sure we all are aware, New York City has the best food, and *fun fact* it would take about 23 years of eating out three times a day to hit all of them.

ANYway, back to my habits with eating my way through Spring Break, let's start off with Chucktown. My sister took me the first day to an amazing, mouth-watering brunch at Clean Juice.

Clean Juice

Gabrielle Schoeffer

I got the avocado toast with red chilli flakes and a strawberry/banana smoothie, and my sister got a green smoothie bowl with toppings. It was amazing! 

The next day for dinner, we went to an incredible Italian restaurant and shared a prosciutto and arugula pizza from a local spot that my sister and all her friends go to frequently. It is called Monza Pizza Bar and is located right in the center of the College of Charleston's campus. 

Monza Pizza Bar 

Gabrielle Schoeffer

While travelling back home to Bergen County, New Jersey I made quite a few stops at my favorite places to eat. From local brunch places to sushi, to nice steak restaurants I love trying spots where I can get a good meal. One of my favs is Simply Vietnamese in Tenafly. They have THE best "Modern" Vietnamese food, that I could probably eat every day of my life and be content. Pictured below are the signature Summer Rolls stuffed with vegetables and chicken, wrapped in rice paper and peanut dipping sauce. I would recommend this to anyone, and they have a variety of rolls to choose from too!

Simply Vietnamese 

Gabrielle Schoeffer

Next, is a "home-style comfort food" eatery in Westwood, NJ that offers a large menu of  American food. The vibe is great with an almost farm-house feel, and a great atmosphere which makes sense for its name, Farmhouse Cafe & Eatery which is another one of my fav spots to eat at and meet with friends. Down below is the mouth-watering Turkey Burger with Apricot-Chutney which is incredible. I also got a side salad, and shared crispy sweet-potatoes fries which they are known for! (Always ask for extra crispy though)!  

Farmhouse Cafe & Eatery

Gabrielle Schoeffer

My last memorable stop was in New York City at Tao Downtown for dinner with friends. The venue is distinct with its multiple floors and beautiful Chinese murals and calligraphy around the restaurant. It is in a great location in the heart of Chelsea with ever more great food. Their options are endless, so I recommend trying everything you can and getting a bunch of appetizers to split. And, you can not forget to try the desserts at the end, especially the giant fortune cookie which is almost too cool and pretty to eat. Below, is a sushi roll I got, it is a California roll with spicy tuna on top, and of course extra ginger on the side.  (I have an obsession with ginger, my friends can attest). 

Tao Downtown

Gabrielle Schoeffer