Veganism is a revolution that is hitting the country like a storm. I personally have tried the vegan diet and can honestly say it really made a huge difference, both physically and psychologically, and I would recommend it to anyone. The benefits of going vegan include, but are not limited to; having a higher intake of antioxidants, nutrients, and dietary fiber, as well as a decreased intake of saturated fat and cholesterol. Not to mention it promotes overall health and risk of chronic diseases. There are also numerous benefits for the environment as well. Here are some interesting facts that made me questioned my meat-eating habits and why I’m never going back. Now don’t be scared if you’re just starting on a vegan diet, there are still plenty of tasty treats here at Purdue to make this new lifestyle as exciting as possible.

1. Vienna


Photo by Rachel A.

Vienna is located in Purdue’s bustling downtown area. This cafe offers basic coffee drinks and offers soy milk as a substitute for any milk-based drink. Surprisingly, what sparked my interest was their vegan cupcakes. These are so rich and chocolatey, even my Betty-Crocker loving roommate couldn’t tell they weren’t made with milk or butter. I would definitely recommend one of these if you’re craving something sweet. If you are not a cupcake person, you best check out their vegan chocolate banana bread which is just as killer, if you ask me.

2. Sushi Burrito


Photo by Jane Yeo

The famous Sushi Burrito has set shop here at Purdue and their menu offers a selection of rolls, burritos, and bento boxes that are all distinctly unique and worth a try. The Buddha roll in particular is vegan if you ask for it without the spicy mayo. It includes veggie tempura, carrots, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, tofu, and tomato. To all the sushi lovers out there, there’s still hope for finding delicious alternatives. It just takes a bit of creativity and effort, but you’ll love it. Just trust me on this one.

**Spoon Tip: Edamame is vegan and serves as a great substitute to chips, french fries, or even nuts. The possibilities are endless.**

3. Fresh City Market


Photo By Mollie Simon

This supermarket is located right on campus and offers plenty of frozen vegan goodies. This is the go-to place if you’re craving ice cream, as they offer a variety of non-dairy based frozen desserts. They sell ice cream made from almond milk, rice milk, and coconut milk. Fresh City Market also has an impressive selection of frozen vegan meals and meat substitute products. Don’t forget to hit up the salad bar for those fresh veggies too.

**Spoon Tip: Annie’s Goddess Dressing is arguable the best and happens to be vegan**

4. Town and Gown Bistro


Photo By Megan McNitt

Opened only a year ago, Town and Gown Bistro is a local restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner to satisfy all your cravings, no matter the time of day. For breakfast, vegan options include their oatmeal bowl, granola bowl and fruit bowl (which are all equally delicious, if I do say so myself). They also offer home fries and an option to add veggies in them as well. Lunch and dinner options are pretty limited but they do have a Vegan plate and a Black Bean Burger that are both a must-try when you go.

5. Five Guys


Photo By Kimberly Fu

I’ve had my fair share of orders of cheesy bread at 3 A.M. from Mad Mush, but those trinkets of cheesiness are sadly not vegan. When I’m trying to tame my episode of munchies, I know I can always head over to Five Guys. Both their regular and Cajun fries are vegan! But stay away from McDonald’s, because their fries are NOT vegan (and are full of a lot of other things humans shouldn’t be digesting).

6. Purdue Memorial Union


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Dinning Dollars! Use them… really. Flatbreads offers a Moroccan Lentil Soup that is vegan and delicious. AH*Z and Lemongrass offers vegetable sushi that is both fresh and convenient for all your Asian fusion needs. The Urban Market also has a selection of vegan snack bars that should definitely be a staple in every vegan eater’s life. If you want something vegan and tasty it is only minutes away from your next class on campus.

7. Blue Nile


Photo By Paige Twombly

I (and all the cool people of the world) absolutely love hummus. Blue Nile is located on Northwestern Avenue and offers a variety of Mediterranean classics to try and love. Blue Nile’s Hummus and Baba Ghanouj with pita are vegan, but you’re not missing out on any of the flavor that often lacks when it comes to vegan dishes. If you’ve never heard of Baba Ghanouj, it’s smoked eggplant and tahini blended together in perfect harmony. But don’t just listen to me about this amazing dish, go try it for yourself.

8. Maru Sushi


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If Sushi Burrito isn’t your thing, Maru Sushi offers a whole lot of vegan sushi rolls. They have vegan rolls like the cucumber roll, avocado roll and asparagus roll. Located in Chauncey, Maru offers plenty to enjoy. These rolls are definitely affordable for any college vegan. Watch out though, sushi is commonly served with miso soup as a starter but unfortunately it’s not vegan. Miso paste is made from a blend fermented soybeans and dash, which is a type a fish paste. Don’t be upset though: here is a recipe for homemade vegan Miso Soup where you can make it by the bucket loads.

There are so many places here at Purdue that are just waiting to be explored. Being vegan, while it can be an intimidating idea at first, includes such a variety of different health benefits and allows individuals to explore new, exciting foods. Whether you’re a die-hard vegan or just trying it out for fun, these local establishments can offer you a variety of vegan meals to enjoy.