Veganism has been gaining a lot of popularity for its environmental impacts, promotion of animal rights, and more. Although sometimes, veganism can be promoted in all the wrong ways, turning people away from it.

Some of my friends, including myself, are either vegan or try to stay away from dairy and egg products. Therefore, finding new vegan treats is always fun, especially for our friends who still want normal tasting sweets. That's where Eat Pastry's vegan cookie dough comes in. (You can try making your own vegan cookie dough too, but why would you when this is just a grocery run away?)

Eat Pastry's vegan cookie dough comes in five different variations: chocolate chip and its gluten-free chocolate chip counter part, chocoholic chip (double chocolate cookie dough), peanut butter chocolate chip, and gluten-free snickerdoodle.

It's perfect for vegan and non-vegan friends (egg-free!). The cookie dough is sold at Whole Foods and sometimes random health food stores. There's a handy store finder on their website for you to check where you can find their cookie dough. 

Although I could only find chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip at my local Whole Foods, I was so excited to try it and I was not disappointed. The chocolate chip flavor tasted exactly like I was eating cookie dough right out of the Nestle Toll House packaging. The peanut butter chocolate chip flavor was even better because peanut butter + chocolate = unbeatable combo, and this was just raw. Next up was trying to bake them

The instructions on the carton told me to pop them in the oven for 10-12 minutes at 350. After 12 minutes, I had fresh and delicious cookies – although not that many because, honestly, spooning raw cookie dough out of the carton is much more fun and addicting. Next time I definitely want to try more advanced baked goods and treats with EatPastry's cookie dough (see below.)

Whether trying this cookie convinces you that veganism isn't boring, or if it's just to eat some egg-less cookie dough, it's a win. You can make all sorts of vegan and non-vegan treats using it, like s'mores with cookies, peanut butter cups stuffed with cookie dough, cookie dough toast, peanut butter Oreo cookie bars, or more.

#SpoonTip: Check out the EatPastry Instagram page for inspiration on what to make.

Or you can also just eat it raw. Either way, it's something you'd better go out and try.