It's after another long day. Studying, homework, and barely any sleep. You hear your stomach growling. You want food and easy eats, but don't want to go somewhere on campus or walk, drive, and uber to a restaurant. 

Have no fear– that is where apps come into play. Options such as UberEats, Postmates, and DoorDash are all available on iTunes and have a wide variety of food options. You can order food to be delivered to you without ever having to leave your room (only to pick up the delivery outside, of course, but I think we all can do that exercise). Talk about good food and easy eats!


Becky Hughes

UberEats is my favorite online app. They have a good amount of options and most places deliver pretty quickly. Plus, you can search what food you are looking for or find restaurants by categories such as "juice and smoothies, "ice cream and frozen yogurt," etc. You can also filter by price if you want something with a certain amount of dollar signs. If I want an acai bowl, Jamba Juice is my go to. Their price is reasonable and the delivery time is about 20 min. If I want late night ice cream, Jenis is a great option and they take orders until 10:30. Some top picks for Asian cuisine are Doc Chey's and Dragon Bowl. Whatever you are in the mood for, I guarantee you UberEats will have it. Think of all that time you can save with only a $3.99 delivery fee. 


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Gabby Phi

PostMates is another great app that allows you to search by word, price, and category. I do not use this one as much only because my phone does not support the app so I have to use it on my computer, which takes a little more time. (Haven't updated iOS in years— #ancient problems.) However, the app is still great! PostMates' delivery fee is usually $3.99 also. Plus, they have some restaurants UberEats does not offer such as Pinkberry, Zoe's Kitchen, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Kale me Crazy, and Yogurtland. If you are craving a nice burrito bowl, fresh salad, or some original tart frozen yogurt with toppings, PostMates is the way to go.


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Michelle Miller

Another classic app—DoorDash. This app is a great option if you are ordering a lot of food or with people since there is free delivery at some places if you spend a certain amount. Some restaurants that offer this deal are Ali's Cookies, American Deli, Rice Mac, and Anna's BBQ. Some good Atl eats and classics that this app has are Fresh to Order, Ali's Cookies, King of Pops, and Poke City. You can also filter and search by category, word, or price. Technology these days.

While these apps are not perfect and you will get a few wrong delivery orders, cancels, or have to wait longer than you should, which is not good for somebody #hangry and craving the food they ordered. However, they are still a wonderful edition to our ~technological~ world. The tons of options, time they save, and the fact that you can track your order and the driver make ordering worth it. Plus if you get frustrated with one, just order from another next time. Start filling those cravings and saving your valuable time. Enjoy those wonderful food babies!