The library is one of the only places on campus dedicated to silence. Something as subtle as rustling papers can catch the attention of those studying, and spark a sea of death stares and eye rolling from every table around you.

As a result, eating in the library is only for braves souls, or those totally oblivious to how obnoxious they’re being—until now. With these quick-fix alternatives for your loud library snacks, you’ll never lose your perfect spot or annoy your neighbor again. Now go out there and get snacking.

The Problem: Loud Wrapper

opening granola

The Alternative: Ziploc Bag

ziplock granonla

#SpoonTip: Put the granola bar in a Ziploc bag before you leave your dorm to avoid distracting wrappers in the library.

The Problem: Loud Chips

loud chips

The Alternative: Trail Mix

trail mix

#SpoonTip: Trail mix in a Ziploc bag is much more healthy and filling than chips, not to mention it’s basically a silent snack.

The Problem: Crunchy Apple

crunchy apple

The Alternative: Banana


#SpoonTip: Bananas have lots of fiber to keep you satisfied for long hours at the library, and your neighbor won’t even hear you eating.

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