There are endless pros to roasting vegetables. They’re delicious, nutritious and easy to make. However, if you’re roasting veggies on a regular basis, they can get boring. Here are five much needed tips that will help you put that spice back into those veggies you love.

1) Infuse your oil

While the oven preheats, put herbs or spices in oil in a sauce pan on medium heat.  In just minutes, your oil will begin sizzling and take on amazing flavor.

2) Choose aromatics and oils that pair well

Think about what spices and oils go well together, or what you are in the mood for. One or two herbs may do the trick. Think Mediterranean, and pair lemon zest with rosemary in olive oil. Think Asian, and put scallions and sliced ginger in sesame oil. Or try something out of theme, like thyme and garlic in butter.

3) Keep spices whole


Photo by Andrew Seah

You don’t have to waste time cutting up garlic or cleaning up rosemary leaves; the hot oil will draw the flavor out of the aromatics. Plus, they won’t burn as quickly if left whole.

4) When the oil smells divine, it’s done

Ever wonder when you’re ready to drizzle that oil on your veggies? Once the oil starts sizzling and is fragrant, you’re good to go.

5) Drizzle the oil over veggies, stir and roast


Photo by Mackenzie Barth

Pour the oil over the veggies and toss to coat so that the vegetables absorb the infused flavors. Then, stick them on a baking sheet and roast them in the oven. Your new, tasty vegetables will be so delicious, even your tastebuds will thank you.