Carbs are one of three macro-nutrients (including fat and protein) that are necessary for the efficient functioning of many bodily systems and tissues. In order to get the maximum benefits of carbs, it’s important to include whole grains, instead of refined carbs full of sugars and starches, into your diet.

One easy way to get your whole grain intake is to mix up your rice mixture with some whole grains. Growing up in a Korean family, I was often given a mixture of white rice and different assorted “super” grains (aka Japgok-bap) as a rice staple from my shrewd and crafty mom; the mixture allowed for the retained pleasurable white rice flavor and inclusion of the whole-grain health benefits. The addition of white rice in the grain mixture also allows for easier digestion and a more complete absorption of nutrients.

All you have to do is just combine the grains, add water and let your rice cooker proceed with its magic.


Photo by Abby Wang


Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 40-50 minutes
Total Time: 45-55 minutes

Serving Size: 8


1 cup any different combination of grains/legumes from the following (refer to this guide to learn more about each grain):

Brown rice
Sweet brown rice
White rice
Wild rice
Red rice
Pearl barley
Steel cut oats
Black rice
Black-eye peas
Soy Beans
Split peas
Garbanzo beans
Kidney beans
Mung beans
Sesame seeds

2 cups white rice

4 cups water (or 3½ cups water if you prefer a firmer, drier texture)


Photo by Abby Wang


1. Combine the multi-grains and the white rice in a bowl, then gently rinse the grain mixture twice in cold water. After the second wash, drain the water as much as possible without losing the grains.

2. Place the grain mixture inside of the rice cooker and add the required amount of water. Press the multigrain setting or the brown rice setting, then “Cook.”

3. Enjoy! Store the leftover quantities in a freezer for future use in Ziploc bags. To thaw, microwave your desired amount on high for 2-3 minutes.


Photo by Abby Wang

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