The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s okay to have dessert each and every day. Oh, is that just me? Last time I checked, calories don’t count during the holidays, right? Dunkin’ definitely agrees with me. They've proven it with their holiday menu launch, featuring two new donuts that I am completely ready to stuff my face with for the next few months: the Hershey's Kiss Donut and the Dear Santa Donut. Both are must-try desserts because they take a regular donut to the next level with their additions. 

The Hershey's Kiss Donut


Even though the base of Hershey’s Kiss donut is just a plain vanilla donut with vanilla frosting, it’s covered with mini Hershey’s Kisses on the top. That’s a big step up from just a regular donut, I can tell you that.

The Dear Santa Donut

The seasonal menu also features the Dear Santa Donut, which features a Munchkin inside of the regular donut’s center. I seriously can’t think of anything better than filling the hole inside of a donut with more donut — honestly, a genius idea. The Munchkin is coated in powdered sugar, and the regular donut has vanilla icing, red and chocolate icing. So, it’s official, you’re getting the best of both worlds there, as far as toppings go. Plus, it looks like Santa’s suit, which means they’re the perfect addition to any holiday party.

The seasonal menu also includes Cinnamon Sticky Bun Coffee, Cinnamon Cream Cheese Spread, and a Holiday Spice Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, so even if you’re not into donuts, there are holiday foods for you to try. This seasonal menu became available on November 19th and is only around for a limited time. So, you need to get your hands on these new holiday donuts from Dunkin’ ASAP. You’ll thank me later.