If peanut butter is involved, I want in on it. Healthy, sweet, savory, straight out the jar—it doesn't matter. I don't discriminate. A fellow peanut butter enthusiast and I were pleasantly surprised when we found out Dunkin' Donuts could indulge us in our favorite treat in the form of a doughnut. Armed with some pocket change, we stepped into the store in Downtown Orlando and ordered the Reese's PB Donut.

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Serene Blair

The couple before me in line had made a huge order, and I stood waiting to be served, contemplating whether to order a second doughnut and relish in a sugar rush or stick to what I came for. I ended up caving and asking for the pumpkin doughnut too. I did not regret it. 

Armed with my brown bag of goodies, I grabbed a wad of napkins and sat across from my friend, who I wanted to use as a gauge for whether she should get the peanut butter doughnut. With great anticipation, I pulled it out of the bag and placed it on a napkin with great care, as if I wasn't planning to scarf it down within two or three bites. 

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Serene Blair

We both commented on how much smaller it looked compared to its advertised counterpart plastered on the glass wall, but it's what's inside that counts, and that goes double when food is concerned. I was expecting the top half of the doughnut to be coated in the chocolate and orange icing decoration, as if the top half had been dipped, but it looked more like a quick chocolate drizzle on top. 

Breaking it in half so I could peer inside, I probably looked like a nut inspecting the dough-to-peanut butter ratio, but I was soon satisfied enough to take my first bite. I'd heard from others that the filling could become overpowering, even for the most dedicated peanut butter lover, and I scoffed at the idea as I informed my friend that the ratio was perfect to me. Most of the filling lies towards the end of the doughnut, so depending on which side you take a bite of first will determine how much peanut butter you taste at once. 

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The flavor of the filling lined more on the side of gooey yet creamy, tasting like Reese's brand peanut butter. The doughnut aspect reminded me a dry, glazed doughnut—nothing spectacular.


Good enough to finish, but I don't know if I'd buy it again. The filling was, in my opinion, the best part of the doughnut, but it's safe to say I'll be sticking to go-to favorite, the Munchkins donut holes.