It's that time of the year, people. Clearly, I'm talking about the amazing time when girls in brown and green vests ring your doorbell, table at the mall, or stand on the sidewalk with baskets of assorted cookies layered in chocolate-y goodness and major girl power. Even as college students, you're always on the look out for a former girl scout or someone with a younger sister so that you can get your Samoa fix - if you're anything like me, at least.

And if you're like me, the five boxes of Girl Scout cookies that you bought probably aren't fixing your cravings. Have no fear. Dunkin Donuts released three new coffee flavors inspired by the long-beloved Girl Scout Cookie varieties: Thin Mint, Coconut Caramel (Samoas), and Peanut Butter Cookie (Do-Si-Dos). Participating Dunkin Donuts stores will sell these scrumptious flavors nationwide through May in the form of a hot or iced coffee, a latte, a macchiato, a frozen coffee, or a frozen hot chocolate. You have to try all three flavors or else you would simply be violating the Girl Scout Law! Check out my recommendations and try these seasonal flavors before they're gone:

1. Thin Mint

I tried the Thin Mint iced coffee with skim milk and was blown away! I didn't know that it was possible to enjoy Thin Mints through a straw until this drink came into my life. The flavoring is sweet and chocolate-y without being overwhelming and leaves a cool, refreshing minty tingle of an aftertaste. I'll have one big cup of that please!

2. Coconut Caramel

Like your coffee sweet? The Coconut Caramel flavor is inspired by Samoas - my personal favorite cookie. My medium Coconut Caramel iced coffee with skim milk did not disappoint. This perfectly rich drink has a predominant caramel flavor with a hint of toasty coconut!

3. Peanut Butter Cookie

Last but certainly not least, I was probably the most nervous to try Dunkin's Peanut Butter Cookie drink - since when is peanut butter-flavored coffee a thing, right? You'd be surprised though. The peanut butter flavor leaves an authentically nutty taste in your mouth without the thickness of actual peanut butter. Its rich taste will warm you up without overwhelming your palate.

So there you go! Just in time for spring and Girl Scout cookie selling season, we've found the perfect Dunkin drink to keep our caffeine levels up while we reminisce down memory lane and empower young girls across America. Is there a badge for being deliciously innovative? Because Dunkin deserves it.

So, what do you think of Dunkin's seasonal flavors? Which one will you try first?