DC has just about everything a millennial could desire, but its one major flaw is the severe lack of Dunkin’ Donuts.  No one does summer better than Dunk’s (sorry Starbucks, your new mini frappachinos aren’t fooling me) and at Dunkin’ Donuts’ prices, you’ll still have enough money leftover for that muffin you’ve been eyeing.

Here are the top five summer drinks guaranteed to keep you running even on the most humid summer days.

1. Frozen Mocha Coolatta

dunkin' donuts

Photo courtesy of pbs.org

This drink is God’s gift to hot and humid summer days. Unlike the drink’s competitors, the coolatta is thoroughly blended, giving you a perfect combination of coffee, chocolate and ice in every sip.

2. Iced Coffee With A Coconut Flavor Shot

dunkin' donuts

Photo courtesy of sunsentinel.com

Nothing says summer and warm weather like coconut. It makes everything from fro-yo to hair products and even coffee extra special. Flavor shots like vanilla and hazelnut can be found anywhere, so mix it up by pumping in some island flavors to your morning treat.

3. Iced Oreo Swirl Latte

dunkin' donuts

Photo courtesy of redchef.vn

One of the many things that Dunkin does differently from Starbucks is pairing up with other brands to create tasty drinks (cc: Arnold Palmer coolatta, Chips Ahoy donut, etc). One of its newest creations combines everyone’s favorite packaged cookie with a smooth latte into blended perfection.

4. Arnold Palmer Coolatta

dunkin' donuts

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com

Nothing screams lazy summer days more than a cool can of Arnold Palmer, the popular lemonade and ice tea combination. Dunkin’s twist on this summertime classic is extra refreshing and comes in larger sizes than the regular version sold in supermarkets.

5. Peach Sweet Tea

dunkin' donuts

Photo courtesy of shescribes.com

For many, sweet tea is a necessity in the summer. Dunkin’s version delivers a delightful peach flavor without being overly sweet.