I'd argue that the only thing better than the taste of coffee is the smell of it. If you agree (how can you not?), you're in luck. Dunkin' has teamed up with Homesick, a fragrance and lifestyle brand, to launch a line of candles inspired by the most iconic Dunkin' drinks. Available on Nov. 25 and for limited time only, the line includes: Original Blend Coffee, Peppermint Mocha Flavored Coffee, and Old Fashioned Donuts. *Chefs kiss.*  


The Dunkin' Collection goes for around $30 per-candle, and if you're wondering can it really smell like your favorite drink? The answer is yes. The coffee brand shared in a press release that taste-testing went into this collaboration (sign me up for that job, please). "Homesick’s team of researchers and perfume chemists began by picking up a dozen Old Fashioned Donuts and a round of Original Blend Coffees from their local Dunkin’. The return of our beloved Peppermint Mocha Flavored Coffees for the holiday season was still top-secret, so we sent a special shipment to Homesick’s fragrance development team in New Jersey," the release said.

I am both excited and overwhelmed at the idea of me sitting in my room drinking my Dunkin' while also having my Original Blend Coffee candle lit. I guess you can really have your coffee, and drink it too.