Dunkaroos are back baby! The whisper that this kid-favorite after-school snack from the 90s was making a comeback started in February and exploded all over social media. Dunkaroos were originally discontinued in back in 2012. And eight years later (and some change) Dunkaroos gave away 5,000 packs of their delicious snacks to fans who were craving nostalgia. However, those boxes were sold out in less than 15 minutes. So if you weren’t lucky enough to snag one of the free samples don’t sweat it. Starting later this month, you can pick up your pack of Dunkaroos at participating 7Eleven stores.

Each pack of Dunkaroos contains a tray of vanilla cookies and a generous amount of vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles. So you can dunk each cookie to its full potential. You can expect to see a full rollout of Dunkaroos in many grocery and convenience stores nationwide in June. Don’t forget to show us here at Spoon HQ how you dunk your Dunkaroos.