With the ever-growing popularity of Instagram, one particular niche has been gaining traction with foodlovers everywhere: foodstagrams. With feeds filled with mouth-watering snaps and artfully designed spreads, foodstagrams let us feast with our eyes—but unfortunately not with our mouths. Thankfully for us Dukies, however, plenty of our fellow students run their own foodstagrams that bring their pictures (and creations) close to home. Here are some Duke student run foodstagrams that are worth the follow:


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What originally started out of a desire to keep track of her meals to live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, fellow Duke Spoon writer Malia Budd‘s @cleanhealthylyfe has gathered over 10 thousand followers. With a particular passion for avocado and Quest bars, her account features a wide range of clean eats (with, of course, the occasional Ben and Jerry’s) proving that a healthy diet can also be delicious.


Owners Kali Sam and Courtney Carter have a particular knack for the “food in the air” shot, displaying their eats over glamorous backdrops, such as the beaches of Aruba to the mountains of Argentina. But be forewarned: make sure you have some delicious food on hand to satisfy your ensuing envy after scrolling through this account.


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On @madebymer, each baked good is unique and more mouth-watering than the last. Featuring exclusively Meredith Davin’s homemade confections, particularly cookies and cupcakes, you’ll be left with one thought: “I wish I was her roommate.” Lucky for us, Meredith shares many of her recipes right here on Spoon, so we mortals can attempt (probably in vain) to replicate her baking skills.


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This is by far one of the most stunning Instagram accounts. Merging Keni Lin‘s love of cooking, eating and photography, @kernballz is filled with food photographs that, as dramatic as it may sound, are simply breathtaking. Her homemade, healthy meals—whether it’s a simple fruit plate or a homemade pizza—use clean and fresh ingredients and will leave you wishing that she was your personal chef/nutritionist/life guru.


With a variety of allergies including gluten and dairy that complicated her love of cooking, Celina Ticoll-Ramirez created @sinless_eats to share her creative, allergy-friendly recipe adaptations. With her wide range of recipes, she shows that eating well and cooking with allergies doesn’t have to be boring or bland. Check out some of her recipes on her website here.


Inspired by @new_fork_city, @san_food_cisco has developed into a cross country foodstagram as the two owners, Sophia Kelley and Lindsay Bettinger, left the Bay Area (their home) for Duke and USC respectively. Now, the account features the best eats that Durham, Los Angeles and San Francisco have to offer. While I can’t promise that you won’t book a ticket to the Golden State after seeing all the envy-inducing food this foodstagram has to offer, I can promise that you’ll enjoy every single photograph.


Started by Sammy Solomon to document her favorite restaurants as she traveled last summer, @eats_n_sweets shows off food from Durham, California and New York. With a particular love of brunch and all things dessert, Sammy shows off many of the most talked about food crazes, like açaí bowls and Cookie DŌ NYC, leaving you dying to try them for yourself.

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