This week is Durham's Local Heroes Week, which supports and celebrates the incredible work done by the Duke Children's Hospital. From March 27th to April 2nd, join a few local businesses to help show the heroes your appreciation.  

Many local businesses are participating by donating 5% of all profits during this week to the Children's Hospital to show their support. 

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Jennifer Schnadig

The money raised will go towards hospital funding used to support projects that range from bone marrow research to the strongest patient care. 


You can convince all your friends to join you at Shooters this week by explaining that their contribution will help support the Children's Hospital. What better motivation to go out and have a good time?! Paying a cover has never felt so good.

A couple favorite local restaurants, Parizade and Local 22, are participating as well, and they are open every night of the week, so you can work this meal around your busy schedule, or even eat at one of the two every night!


Parizade is known as the best Mediterranean restaurant in Durham, and is family-owned and run by Giorgios Bakatsias. It offers "relaxed elegance, gracious service, and a theatrical ambiance" (not to mention outstanding food, as well).

Local 22

Its next-door neighbor, Local 22, is a farm-to-table gem that offers a wide variety from salads to sandwiches to flatbreads to quality entrees. They take pride in being "your neighbors, your friends, your next door chefs, and your down the street bartenders." 

So go indulge this week; eat a delicious lunch at Local 22, a drool-worthy dinner at Parizade, then dance the night away at Shooters, all to celebrate the amazing things being done right here on Duke's campus at the Duke Children's Hospital.