Whenever I’m coming home from going out over the weekend, my friends and I always argue about where we should drunk eat before going back to our dorms. Since we can never agree on if we want pizza, nachos or pita, we always end up fighting for 20 minutes before we finally agree on a place for our drunchie pig our sesh. We’re all too hungry for that.

Stumbling back through Allston, and still can’t decide where to get your grub on? We got you covered.

Drunk eat BU

Photo by Aarthi Chezian

  1. Where do you live on campus?

  2. What's your go to drink?

  3. Where are you going tonight?

  4. Why are you drunk eating?

  5. If you could go out with a celebrity who would it be?

  6. What city do you dream of living in?

  7. Rate your night: