Picture this: you get done with class, homework is done—or at least it can wait til tomorrow—and you’re getting ready to sit down and watch the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy when you get hit right in the gut with that pesky feeling: hunger. You already had dinner so it’s time for a treat. Enter Nestlé Drumstick Crushed It! Cookies ‘N’ Cream and Vanilla Fudge Ice Cream Bars *and* Cones. The newest addition to the Drumstick family are these melt-in-your-mouth, crushed cookie coated treats. And they’re exactly the frozen dessert you need to end your night with.

I took one for the team and tried them all and let me tell you, they are AMAZING. These taste like the frozen version of milk and cookies. The outside coating is a fine powder of crushed chocolate cookies that really does melt in your mouth. Inside you’ll find creamy layers of Nestlé Cookies ‘N’ Cream ice cream or rich vanilla ice cream with a fudge center. Whether you opt for the Cookies ‘N’ Cream flavor or the Vanilla Fudge flavor, you can't make a wrong choice.

These treats are available now at supermarkets across the country from now until April for just $3.99 per 5ct. box so grab them ASAP.

So now is the hard part: are you going to try the bars or the cones first?