Photo by Rebecca Fawcett

It’s that time again, folks. Before you know it, it’s gonna be Fun Day. Here’s a quick guide to making yourself some tasty mixed drinks for the day.

1. Saratoga Sunrise

This drink is your classic orange and cranberry concoction. Put some ice into your cup and fill it 3/4 up with orange juice. Then add cranberry juice as desired. To change it from a mocktail to a cocktail, add your desired amount of vodka.

2. Thorough-Blood


Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Fawcett

Mix Strawberry-Kiwi water with red Gatorade. Add tequila to taste. Some ice, too, if you feel so inclined. (If you want a fizzy drink, add ginger ale or sparkling water- This goes for all the drinks listed).

Pro Tip: Grab an orange and peel it, then put a few wedges into your drink. The fruit will absorb some of the alcohol and you can eat it later for an extra buzz.

3. Scribner-Ade

Put some ice into your cup and fill it near to the top with lemonade (Tropicana is better), then add some cranberry juice. If you prefer, swap out the cranberry for something else- like passion fruit juice. Add vodka and you’re ready for fun.


Photo by Rebecca Gracey

Bonus Tips:

If hard-alcohol isn’t your style, buy a Venti-sized reusable cup from Starbucks (These come with a straw and twist-on lid to prevent spillage). Then fill the cup with wine, rosé, or whatever your little heart desires. A typical bottle of wine is 25 ounces. Venti cups hold 20 ounces, so that’s plenty to have a good time.


Photo by giphy.con