Other than taking a break from classes and getting your tan on, the best part of summer has to be the darties. Even better, you can take the day drinking outside. Don't worry — you can still play your all-time favorite drinking game (beer pong), but you can take it into the water or double its size. When you're outside, it's also easy to turn your other favorite games, like KanJam or corn hole, into a total booze fest. Here are five outdoor drinking games you should play this weekend (and for the rest of the summer). 

1. Dizzy Bat 

Grab a Wiffle ball and bat. Cut off the end of the bat and fill the bat with a can of beer. Each player needs to chug the beer out of the bat, spin in a circle for 10 seconds, and then make their best attempt at hitting the ball. Chugging, running, and spinning don't mix well together, let me tell you, but it sure is fun to try. 

2. Water Pong 

Move your beer pong outside and into the water. You can't get a tan and enjoy the pool while playing beer pong inside. Another plus — if (when) you miss a cup, you won't lose the ball in a random basement corner; the ball will be easy to spot when it's floating on top of the water. 

#SpoonTip: Suggest doing this in a pool rather than the ocean or a lake. The waves make the game nearly impossible, but go for it if you're up for a challenge. 

3. Giant Beer Pong 

Didn't think there could be any more versions of beer pong after you learned about water pong? Think again. Actually, think bigger and better. Giant trash cans can replace dinky, old solo cups and a volleyball can replace those ping pong balls that are lost so easily. Then, fill each one of those giant trash cans to the brim with Natty Light... Just kidding on that last part. But hey, it's your money and your game. I'd say drinking out of a solo cup is probably still best, however. 

4. Spikeball  

Spikeball blew up after it was on Shark Tank, and now you're almost guaranteed to see people playing it on the beach or at a cookout. It's the game where four players try to basically bounce a ball on a small, round net. Drinking is determined based on the outcome of your game. You can apply this simple rule of "drink if you lose" to many other outdoor games, like corn hole, KanJam, and ladder ball, too. 

5. Highnoon 

Highnoon is, of course, inspired from the Wild West movie, but it features six-packs instead of six-shooters. It is a two-opponent game, where the players must stand back to back, take 10 paces away from each other, chug their beer, crush it, and throw it at each other (hopefully not too hard). The first person to make contact wins. 

Outdoor boozing is the best. You can take advantage of the warm weather, play bigger and better games, and if you spill your drink in the grass, it's much better than on the new living room rug you and your housemates just got from Target. So take your buddies outside for some of your favorite drinking games, but remember to play and drink responsibly. 

#SpoonTip: Spoon University does not support binge drinking or underage drinking. Please darty safely and responsibly.