Criminal minds is one of the most popular crime shows on television. Currently on its 11th season on CBS, this show is perfect for anyone who secretly craves that FBI lifestyle.

Whether you are trying to spice up your Wednesday night or make your Netflix binge more engaging, this is the game for you.

Grab your drinks and get ready to solve some murders.

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Take a sip when:

  • Derek calls Garcia “baby girl”

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  • Anyone on the team says the word “unsub”
  • Someone dies

Refill your drink when:

  • Someone gets kidnapped
  • Morgan kicks down a door

Take a shot when:

  • The team is traveling on the private jet to go to their next location
  • Hotchner smiles (actually take 2 shots, it doesn’t happen often)
  • The team finds the murderer
  • Derek calls Reid “Pretty boy or Kid”

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Chug your drink when:

  • Reid starts saying something you don’t understand (and don’t stop until he is finished)
  • Garcia starts looking up the killer’s past (don’t finish until she finds everything)

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