Go with a food classic: 

Everybody has been jumping on the sushi-as-a-costume train lately. But don’t let that stop you…a classic is always in style. All you need is a pair of chopsticks, a colored pillow (preferably striped, or go for a plush fish) and a black ribbon.

Have a lot of purple or green colored clothes? Buy a bag of balloons for about $1.50 and go as a bunch of grapes. Watch out for sharp, pointy things! This can also work as a couples or group costume. Throw on a red bandana and you’re the Sun-Maid Raisins girl. Add as many bunches of grapes as you like.

Photo courtesy of HimeBLOG

Get clever: 

Punk ‘n’ Pie
Punk and Pie. Get it? This one’s definitely better for a low-key house party, so you don’t have to carry around a pie around all night. It works best if you really go for the punk look — spiked up pink hair, leather, lots of safety pins. Choose any pie you want, but pumpkin is obviously the best. Bonus points if you make this:

Photo courtesy of fireandflowers

Burger King
Buy this insane burger T-shirt (also available in a sweater, because it’s October and all) and don your gold crown. Proceed to reign.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Guru and Miss Go

Make a pop-culture reference:

Slutty Pumpkin
Embrace the autumnal spirit while channeling Katie Holmes in “How I Met Your Mother.” You might just inspire Ted-like devotion. And please, go for the strategic cutouts, not the lingerie.

Photo courtesy of Zap2It

Liz Lemon and her Night Cheese
Grab your blue snuggie, add a pair of dark-rimmed glasses and work that night cheese. This technically isn’t dressing as food, but still, it totally counts.

In a pinch: 

Wear all orange and staple some green tissue paper to a headband. Boom, you’re a carrot.

Alternate colors — white shoes, red pants, pink shirt and so on — and stick one of those tiny umbrellas through your bun. Instant summer cocktail.

Go for an all-white outfit, then cut a yellow circle out of construction paper and tape it to your chest. Add devil horns. Super simple deviled egg.

Whatever happens this Halloween, please, don’t end up here:

Photo courtesy of HolyTaco