Do you like coffee but it doesn't fit into your budget? Can't get to the coffee shop? Trying to find dairy-free alternatives? Then you need to try the La Colombe's Draft Latte. 

What is a Draft Latte?

A draft latte is a can of coffee, but better. La Colombe's draft latte is "infused with food-grade nitrous oxide for distinctive cafe-style frothed, creamy texture," according to La Colombe's website. This means that when you pour the latte out of the can, it creates a foam, similar to what you would find on a latte from a coffee shop. 

The amount of caffeine varies per can. The Chai Draft Latte has 40mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to 1 cup of tea, which is the drink with the lowest amount of caffeine.

The triple draft lattes as well as the Coconut Milk based lattes have 175mg of caffeine (2 1/4 cups of coffee). Whether you are looking for your morning coffee or a mid-day boost, there are a variety of caffeine levels available. 

Why the Draft Latte is a better choice

Compared to similar beverages, La Colombe's Draft Latte is the healthier choice. Compared to the other beverages, the mocha draft latte has 50 fewer calories, half the sugar, and, for the lactose intolerants out there, lactose free milk is used so you don't have to worry. Dairy free? Don't worry there are coconut milk lattes as well. 

Not only is the draft latte healthier, it is also cheaper than most other lattes. Bought online, a pack of four is $12, meaning $3 a can. This is less expensive than any latte I've bought at a coffee shop. 

Available flavors

You won't find yourself limited by flavor choices with these draft lattes. The choices include Black Coffee, Mocha, Regular, Vanilla, and even a Chai flavor as well. PSL lovers have no fear - La Colombe has even made a Pumpkin Spice flavor for the fall. 

I have tried both the Mocha and Vanilla flavors, and love them both. They taste the best when poured out of the can over a tall glass of ice. Add a muffin or scone, and you have yourself a delicious breakfast. 

Where to find the Draft Latte

There are several places that you can find La Colombe's draft latte. First of all, you can head to one of the many La Colombe cafes. They serve the draft latte on tap, and you can also pick up  cans to go.

If you don't live near a La Colombe cafe, they can be found in select grocery stores and even ordered online. La Colombe offers a subscription service where you can chose from 4 types of draft latte, chose a frequency (1-4 weeks) and allows you to start and stop your subscription at any time. 

La Colombe is also carried in stores. Target, CVS, and a wide range of regional grocery stores all carry draft lattes. Whether you shop at Publix, Mariano's, or Pick n' Save, a draft latte is within reach. 

Now what are you waiting for? Head over to Target or check online to see where you can find La Colombe near you! La Colombe ships as well, so there is nothing stopping you from having a draft latte.