Scholarships are something that every desperate college student hunts for. Though there are many out there, it can be hard to actually win one. Luckily enough, Dr Pepper and the University of Florida have partnered to create the Dr Pepper UF Tuition Giveaway. 

How Much Money You Could Win

The prize of winning the monthly spring semester competition is $1,000 in January through March and $4,000 in April. Considering all the expenses that college students go through (midtown isn't free!), any amount of money helps. 

How to Enter

To enter the giveaway, all students have to do is text UFTUITION to 737737. The competition allows students to enter every day of the month, and every text counts as one entry. Since it's a sweepstakes-style giveaway, more entries means more chances to win. However, according to Jill Rodriguez, the official spokesperson for the giveaway, they've had people win in the past who've only entered once - it's just the luck of the draw!

Past Success of the Giveaway

This specific giveaway has been going on for eight years now and has been fairly successful. Just last spring, Rodriguez said there were over 42,000 text entries submitted! The first round of prizes has already been awarded - check out the February winner here

Other Scholarships

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If you're looking for other scholarships to enter, here are some that Spoon UF has covered in the past as well as some great ones to enter:                                                                           

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Good luck!