"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," set to hit theaters next week, is arguably going to be one of the biggest movies of the summer. So to celebrate the release, the movie is collaborating with Doritos to make chips that are, well, also pretty big.

These Are Some Big Chips

Photo courtesy of Doritos

Specifically, the collab is launching dinosaur-sized chips that "hatch" from a ginormous replica of a dinosaur egg. Yep, it's weird. The chips are nearly 18 times the size of a regular Doritos chip and come in the classic Nacho Cheese flavor. They're packaged in a "dinosaur egg," of which you have to open to get to one single, large chip. Oh yeah, and the egg comes in an even more giant metal lock box crate to protect it. 

How to Get a Dinosaur-Sized Chip

Photo courtesy of Doritos

So this shouldn't come as a surprise, but these chips are limited edition—only 100 have been made. For a chance to win one, you'll need to tweet at Doritos using #JurassicDoritos and #entry.

You can also "adopt" one of these in a bidding auction on JurassicDoritos.com that goes from June 14 to June 21. Right now, the bid is already at $611. All proceeds from the winning bid will go to the American Red Cross and benefit people affected by the volcanic disaster in Hawaii, where much of the "Jurassic World" films were shot.  

You Can Also Win a Trip to Costa Rica

If you don't win an egg, you can win a trip to Costa Rica, and tbh, that sounds a bit more exciting. But you'll have to do a little work for your entry. Head to Doritos.com and enter codes found on new specially marked Doritos chip bags (found on Amazon or at Walmart) to explore a digital Isla Nublar (from the movie) and play games. More plays equals more access to the digital island and more premium prizes available. The big kahuna though, the trip to Costa Rica, will be awarded to five lucky players. 

Whether you want a dinosaur-sized chip served in a replica of a dino egg, or a free trip to Costa Rica, it's time to get your game face on. You'll have to play your way to win these prizes. If all else fails, you can also just go see the movie and eat popcorn like the rest of the world.